In the current fast-paced world which is full of e-commerce and big-box store, it is not surprising that many customers do not put much thought into the incredible world of packaging. There’s a lot that goes into making the right packaging supplies for every other type of product that customers purchase.

Here are a few interesting facts that you may not have heard about the packaging industry.

1. Every year around $150 billion is spent on product packaging across the globe.

2. The worldwide packaging industry grows every year at a rate of 3.5% approximately.

3. Most of the heavier or fragile products are shipped using corrugated boxes as they are more durable and better at holding pressure.

4. In 1856 the first cardboard was patented and the corrugated was first patented in 1871 and was first utilized to wrap the lantern chimneys and bottles.

5. The corrugated packaging industry has its largest production facilities in the North America with over 1500 box plants.

6. On an average consumers form an opinion of a brand within 7 seconds. This shows the significance of custom packaging for creating a good first impression on potential customers. Custom retail packaging and logo boxes that holds a positive image of brand is key to conversion.

7. According to the research businesses that focus on product packaging often report 30% hikes in sales and consumer interest.

8. Eco-friendly, sustainable product packaging has become progressively popular.

9. Most customers consider product packaging to be equally important as the brand itself.

10. On average shoppers spend 30% more on purchase if the shipping is free.

11. Slow shipping time deters 41% of consumers from purchasing things, next time.

12. Around 52% of the online customers are likely to return to the same company if they receive products in the customized shipping box.

13. In-store shoppers are drawn towards and buy items right off the shelf without researching, in around 64% of all in-store decisions. Packaging can play a vital role in choosing your product over a competitor’s.

14. While most of the food products we consume have an expiry date, it’s not true to water. Although there is an expiry date on every bottle. But don’t worry as these dates refer to the expiry of the bottle.

Don’t underrate the power of packaging. If you are looking to maximize your company’s earning potential and brand name with customized shipping get in touch with the best packaging distributors in the UK.