You must be very excited about moving to your new house. While it is good to be excited, you must also be aware of the moving and packing woes that come along with this. And if you want to ensure that your moving is accomplished without any hassle, you should call professionals from moving companies who will help you decide the right kind of boxes for all the items. This is because moving becomes easy when you choose the right moving boxes for packing.

It is always advised that you use new boxes for packing your things as require proper protection from damage. When you are buying original boxes, you should ensure that the boxes do not weigh more than 50 pounds. This is because even if you are planning to hire packers and movers, you will have to carry these boxes at some point in time. Some boxes like the wardrobe storage boxes will naturally be heavy. Therefore, you should try to minimize the heavy boxes to a minimum.

Cardboard packaging boxes come in various shapes and sizes.


Here are a few of them.

1. The basic set of boxes

Everyone who is moving from one house to another will require a basic set of moving boxes. The best part about this set of boxes is that you don’t have to worry about guessing the size of each box to be used for packing. This set has separate boxes of different sizes. You will need all these sizes while you are packing your stuff. The small boxes in this set are useful for packing items of glass, books, etc. You can use the medium-sized boxes to pack things like toys, shoes, and appliances. This set also has packing tape and markers and labels. This makes your task a lot easier, and you do not need to rush to the market for all your little needs.


2. Boxes for kitchen essentials

Heavy-duty boxes with inserts are best suited for packing dishes and other kitchen items made of glass and fragile material. A set of these boxes is readily available in the market. These boxes come with foam inserts with them to protect the items from damage. These inserts also prevent things from bumping into each other during transportation.


3. Boxes for bedroom items

You will need large wardrobe boxes to pack your clothes. These boxes come with grooves to fit in a metal bar where you can hang the clothes on hangers easily. It is effortless to pack things in these boxes. All you have to do it to transfer your clothes from the wardrobe to these boxes and close them. You can also pack some additional items like shoes, belts, etc. at the bottom of these boxes to fill in space. You can transfer your entire closet into these boxes.

Apart from these essential packing boxes, you will also need special kind of cardboard boxes for packing papers and documents and other seasonal items and edibles.