Are you annoyed with the bad odour of the stagnated and decaying material in your basement? What about the black moulds flourishing on the ceilings of your house? Well to be honest, each time you plan to get rid of them and every time you make a plan, you are not able to implement it because of your daily work schedule or other house hold chores.

Globe Packaging Industrial Bleach

However it is very important that you maintain the hygiene of the place where you work, where you spend your time and also where you live. One of the first requirements for maintaining the proper hygiene is to make sure that you properly dispose of all your garbage and waste material.

It is also very important that from time to time you sanitize your place of work and living with proper disinfectants in order to make sure that the place is not infected by the harmful and disease causing microbes. Special care must be taken for sanitizing the places like basement and the box room ceilings as these are the areas which have moisture round the clock as they are rarely exposed to sunlight and hence have potential to develop moulds and fungus.

Talking about the chemicals or the agents which can be best used for sanitizing the places, the best choice is to go with the industrial standard bleach. One of the main reasons for their usage is that they are extensively tested for the safety of human beings and at the same time they are highly efficient in cleansing and other sanitation works. They come in different concentrations depending upon the requirements.

Talking about the usage of bleach, below are the 7 most important usage of bleach in house –

1.Use it against Mold and Mildew. Bleach is very effective in removing the mold and mildews often found around the grouts, wash rooms and any dampened place in your house or office. You can also use it with the shower curtains, wash room mats and paint of the house. Along with killing the molds and mildews it also gives whitening affect to the place where it is applied. In order to use bleach for these purposes make sure that you make a mild concentration of bleach, apply it to the places to be cleansed and allow it to stand for 15-20 minutes before you start to rinse and clean the places of application.

2. Bleach is the best thing to be used in order to clean your kitchen – Bleach is the most preferred option when it comes to cleaning kitchen. One of the main ingredients of bleach is sodium hypochlorite which plays a very important role in cleansing and removing the bad odor. It is always recommended to keep a mild solution of bleach and water in kitchen and use it whenever you want to clean your kitchen. Bleach also gives a much shinier look to the surface which is cleansed with bleach solution.

3.It can also be used as a sanitizer – One of the best sanitizing agents is bleach. The effectiveness of sodium hypochlorite plays a very important role in sanitizing and removing the bad odor. Bleach also kills the molds and mildews flourishing in the dampened areas.

4.Increases the shine of glassware – The chemical ingredient sodium hypochlorite is a very powerful bleaching agent therefore when bleach is used for cleaning the glassware it gives them a much shinier look.

5.Used for cleaning the white porcelain – One of the best uses of bleach is that it can be readily used for cleansing the white porcelain surface. And the best thing is that once these porcelain surfaces are cleaned with the bleach they look brighter and white.

Globe Packaging Industrial Bleach

6.It can be used as a disinfectant – Bleach can also be used for the sanitization purposes for both home and office.

Globe Packaging Industrial Bleach7. Bleach is also the preferred choice for cleaning the toilets  – The property of the bleach to kill the bad odor and cleaning the stains and impurity makes it the best choice for cleaning the toilets

Therefore if you are planning to clean and sanitize your place once for all give a try to bleach and you will find a complete new atmosphere at your place. We at Globe Packaging understand the need and requirement of our customers and we have industrial standard bleach in different packaging suiting your choice. Check our products and give them a try.