Shipping is a key part of an online retail business. One of the most significant aspects of your online business is to make sure that your products reach out to your customers safely.

With the substantial increase in online shopping, it’s not uncommon for consumers to get several packages a day.


Shipping boxes option

Getting your order delivered to your customers without damage is a top preference. For that, you need to decide the best type of shipping container for your products. Unless you are creating a custom shape and sizes, you have two avenues for your shipping container.


Mailing Envelopes

Instead of using boxes for shipping it is suggested to go for mailing bags. Mailing envelopes are a perfect fit for apparels and other durable items.

You perhaps use a large box for big orders but use a custom printed mailer envelope for smaller orders.


Benefits of mailing envelopes

The most profitable advantage of mailing envelopes is that they are less costly than corrugated shipping containers.

Also, they consume a little space on a truck or in your warehouse so the storage costs are curtailed
These also eliminate packing labour charges because these do not have to be set up.

However, the best benefit is their flexibility in sizing. There is no oversized fine being paid because whether you are shipping one or three t-shirts, for example, the mailing envelope is always the ideal size.

Most of the mailing envelopes come with a seal strip that eliminates the requirement for an additional tape to safeguard the contents.



Your choice will be decided by the following three considerations.

  • What is Your order size?
  • Do you require cushioned or non-cushioned safety?
  • How many ink colours and what kind of graphic design and printing do you want?

There are 3 kinds of material option used for mailing envelopes:

  1. Paper mailing Envelopes-These are limited in design and colour because these are usually printed on flexographic equipment
  2. Paperboard mailing envelopes– They are also known as rigid mailers and are customised to remain flat during shipment.
  3. Plastic mailing envelopes– These envelopes are available in a variety of composition, including the recyclability, and amount of recycled content.


Shipping Boxes

As online client’s chances are that at some point you might have received your orders in a shipping cardboard boxes that are either too small or too big.


Tips for right shipping boxes

  • Keep your shipping boxes more protected and safe for shipment by minimising irrelevant space. This will also reduce product damage
  • Choosing an ideal size for your products can diminish the amount of void fill and cushioning.
  • A Smaller shipping box is economical because it’s easier to ship from a fulfilment centre to your customers.

The ideal way of choosing a shipping box is to put your product into a package with minimal extra space. This permits room for protective cushioning.

The most preferably used shipping box is the corrugated box, also known as an ordinary cardboard box. As there are many benefits of this box. These are lightweight, durable and made in various shapes and sizes.


Shipping Box Colour

The Only standard colours for the corrugated boxes are natural Kraft that is essentially brown and the other is white.