Relocation can be a headache if it is not planned properly. Situation becomes even worse if you have not planned for the packaging of your stuff. One of the major concerns while relocating is to decide over how to package the stuffs which you have decided to carry along with you. Therefore we have come with some important helpful tips in order to help you with packaging during relocation.

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When it comes to packaging your stuffs for relocation it is very important that you pack only that stuff which are of use and not those which will just add up to your burden. Often we are in a habit of piling up things in our cupboard which are of not much use. But pertaining to our human nature we accumulate a lot of rubbish and other stuffs which practically have no use for us but still we have kept them for years. Therefore in order to start your packaging it is very important that you first make a list of stuffs which are important to you and has to be packed. Do make sure that you also have a list containing all those items which you have to get rid of.

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Once you have decided upon your list it is now time to start with the packaging of your stuff. Here again it is always advisable that in order to save money and time and to make packaging an easy process rather than making it a headache, it is very important that you get in touch with one of the packaging vendors and let them help you instead of doing it yourself.

Let’s check some of the common tips for packaging here –

Appliances Packaging

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When it comes to the packaging of the Appliances the first thing would be to separate them according to their sizes. Let’s make two different categories one for the smaller ones and other for the bigger ones.

Once you have separated the appliances based on their sizes you just need a few more things before you start you’re packaging. These are listed below

  • News-papers, especially the older ones, Linen clothes, towels, cotton clothes.
  • Small to medium sized boxes

Going for the use of plastics would not be a good idea as it can tangle with the machine or get into the machines and can cause some severe damages to the machines.

Let’s start packaging

Packaging for General Utensils

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Collect all your small sized kitchen appliances. Make them dry if any of them are wet. Once you have done the above mentioned get small to medium sized boxes. Make sure that they are properly tapped from bottom. Once you have checked this put the appliances in them. In between you can use the old thermocol, cushions or even foam to reduce the effect of jerk and shock. Once the box is filled you can pack it and tap it from the top. It is always advisable to use tags with the packages so that you can easily recognize the product packed in them.

Packaging of Refrigerator

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When it comes to the packaging of the refrigerator preparations have to be made well in advance. Before you start packing it, defrost your refrigerator. Defrosting may take a day or two. Once your refrigerator is completely defrosted dry it up and clean it properly. Take out the shelves and wrap them properly. Talk out all the attachable including the vegetable basket and pack them separately. Once you have done this, you can now start packing your refrigerator. It is always advisable to use the cardboard box you got along with it when you purchased it. Do make sure to use the thermocol and foams in order to minimize the shock while moving it from one place to other.


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Packaging of dishwasher is similar to the refrigerator. Before packing it dry it completely. Once dried, take out the shelves and pack them separately. You can use old clothes, foams and old pillows in packaging as they act as good shock absorbers. Once you have taken out all the attachables, pack up your dishwasher and label it in order to help yourself while unpacking.

These are some of the easy practical tips to help you out while packaging your kitchen stuff. Follow these and you will find it much easier to pack all your stuff.

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