We all those cardboard boxes lying around in the house. We either get them from online shopping or from moving houses.

Recycling is an option, but there are reuses of these cartons. Additionally, recycling units aren’t accessible to everyone.

Today, We Will Discuss Various Ways to Reuse Old Moving Boxes.

Storage Boxes

This is one of the most effortless ways of using cardboard boxes. You can set up storage spaces for your things with these cartons. There are things that we have in our home that we don’t need throughout the year.

Things like seasonal decorations, seasonal clothes, magazines, memorabilia, and tools. Use these moving boxes to keep these items organised.

Box Castle and Kid’s Play Items

Yes, cardboard boxes can be fun too!

These boxes can be made into castles, rocket ships, space ships, etc. If you don’t have the time to make these extensive playhouses, just use them as a canvas for your little ones.

The children can draw, paint or decorate according to their will. Painting cardboard is one of the most fun projects you can do with your kids.

DIY Shoe Rack

Nothing is more annoying than shoes lying around the house. Small apartments rarely have space for a shoe wardrobe. Instead of buying a shoe rack, make a flexible shoe rack for your shoes.

One easy way to do this is by cutting small triangle shapes and colouring them. Attach as many as you need to make a pyramid-like structure. This would be a fun and quirky storage solution for your shoes.

Gifting Boxes

We all have friends and family we send gifts to during Christmas or New Year. Other than that, we have social events where gifting is a common practice.

Instead of buying boxes and wrapping papers, use the ones you already have in your home. If you are sending packages to them, don’t get new boxes from the post office. Use parcel boxes and paint them in different colours.

Create A Scratching Pad for Your Furry Friends

Pets love to play with textured things. That’s why you find scratch marks on your clothes, cushions, and shoes!

Cardboard makes for excellent scratching pads for cats and dogs. Cut long strips of cardboard from the box and roll them together to form a circle. Use safe glue to hold everything together. You can use some old rags to cover the edges or paint them to make them attractive.

Just make sure the paint is safe for your pets.

Turn Cardboard Boxes into Drawer Dividers

Keeping office supplies organised is a big hassle. With cardboard boxes, you can cut them into small pieces and use them as your drawer dividers. Keep papers, staplers, pens, packing tape, and everything separately.

The same can be done with clothes as well. Clothes tend to pile up and finding tops, lingerie becomes difficult in the morning. Use cardboard boxes as storage and dividers to keep your clothes in place.

DIY Shelf

We all need extra storage space in our homes. Old cardboard boxes can be a great choice to create a wall shelf to keep your small things. Just make sure that you don’t put heavy stuff on the top.

As Compost for Your Garden

Did you know good-quality cardboard boxes act as a buffer for earthworms? This can actually improve the soil texture.

So, if you have parcel boxes around the house that you can’t use, compost them for your garden. The way cardboard smothers soil, it provides for efficient planting!

As Makeshift Bins

Keeping a bin in every room is a nice way to keep your house clean. This is also very useful in office spaces where there is a lot of wastage on a daily basis.

Instead of buying plastic bins, keep medium to big size moving boxes around the space. You can throw paper waste into these bins.


If you don’t want to keep moving boxes in the house, don’t throw them away. Some people might need these boxes.

Sell or donate cardboard boxes through social media. It’s a good way to ensure to reuse old cardboard boxes.


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