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The Best Strapping Materials for Your Business

Strapping is a procedure of putting in a strap to an item to hold or combine them and is also called bundling and banding. Strapping is ideal for bundling products together, securing loads on pallets, as added security on individual boxes or even just enabling easy pick up of difficult to grip packs. These are commonly used in the packaging industry as one of the most essential packaging supplies. The strapping is suitably measured through strength and breaking strain. It is vital to check that the strapping you are planning to use is capable enough to safely carry your product. Therefore we have gathered some information about different types of strapping used as per your product requirement. 1. Strapping Machines: Through the strapping machine, large volumes of strapping can be done across a wide range of operations. It ensures consistency of application, guaranteeing load containment. Through this machine, wastage reduces which in turn reduces the cost. They use the minimum amount of strapping, cutting each section to the exact size required. A semi-automatic machine is generally used and is recommended for high volume, the single product runs. These machines can apply strapping quickly but require an operator to feed the strapping […]

The Best Packaging Materials for Shipping Dangerous Goods

Shipping is one of the most tedious tasks when it comes to transporting goods over long distances. Especially, when you are shipping dangerous goods, you need to ensure that they are carried with ease and safety. While cardboard boxes and moving boxes are the main packaging material that carries shipments from one place to another, there are several other things too that form a crucial part of shipping dangerous goods from one place to another. Most of the times the items that require careful packaging are the ones that are perishable or the ones that can react with other substances. These items can also include explosives. Here are a few of such packaging materials that can be used for shipping dangerous goods. 1. Air Pillows Air pillows are made up of an advanced form of versatile polymers which are resilient enough to withstand any shocks during the transportation of goods. Air pillows provide cushioning and lining to the goods preventing them from any damage during transportation. 2. Refrigerated Gel Pack We generally use dry ice when shipping item that requires cooling. Refrigerated ice packs provide low cost and easy alternative to this. You can use them for keeping the items […]

Top 10 Beauty Packaging Trends for 2017

The packaging industry is developing and evolving really fast. Tastes and preferences of customers keep on changing with time and packaging designs have to be altered accordingly. It is quite interesting to see the amazing creativities and innovations that go in the making of these designs so that they are not only appealing to the customer but smart at the same time. Beauty care product packaging needs to be immaculate as women are usually fascinated with product packaging. Mentioned below are some of the best beauty packaging trends for 2017: Less is always more in packaging Having too many things printed and mentioned on the packaging can be repelling. If you are looking to print product ingredients, 2-3 are abundant. Keeping things simple is what is attracting more and more consumers today. Keep the protocol in mind Beauty care and cosmetic products often need a routine that needs to be followed. So just launching the product will not be enough. The packaging should mention preferable times of applying the product or the multiple steps involved in the same. The protocol should be clearly mentioned on the packaging. Combination of the topical product and the devices Just using a topical beauty […]

11 Essential Packing Tips for Moving House

Relocation is a process which takes time and efforts. Planning everything prior to relocation is very important to make the process go smooth. Before moving you have to clean your entire home, contact utility companies and pack all your accessories. You need to choose the right packaging boxes while packing your stuff for a damage-free move. Here are 11 tips for a smooth house move: 1. Start Packing Early Last minute packing is a bad idea. You need time to pack your belongings rightly so for a large house, 2 months should be enough. And for a small house, one month is enough if you pack one box a day. Packing early will relieve a lot of stress during those last few days before move. 2. Choose the Right Packaging Supplies Collect both large and small boxes from someone you know who have recently moved or buy house moving kit from a trustworthy packaging supplier. Moving companies have lots of different boxes for your house moving needs so you can choose the right boxes and start packing your stuff. 3. Label All the Boxes Write the content on the sides of box with the marker. This will help you recognize […]

5 Trends for the Future of Food Packaging

Latest food packaging trends include options that are digitally savvy, lightweight, eco-friendly and personalised. For food manufacturers, packaging innovation is a constant concern. Today lifestyle is a major consideration and consumers of every age and gender want packaging to be self descriptive, easy to grip and hold. Packaging plays a key role in influencing buyer’s mind. The journey of a package from crowded retail shelf to consumer’s home can be tough if it is an ordinary one. Keeping up with latest demands and trends can be very challenging. Generation Y is tech savvy and people today are looking for packaging solutions that are eco-friendly and intelligent. Have a look at the latest food packaging trends: 1. Intelligent Packaging“Best Before” print will be soon replaced by the sensors that indicate when the product is no longer good to use. This accuracy will help in reducing the food waste. RIFD chips will be used to optimise store and chain logistics and this will prove helpful in avoiding overstocking. Smart apps will communicate with your fridge and you will get alerts about the food products you have stored in the fridge. 2. Single Serving Packages Lifestyle is more dynamic now and single serving […]