From the outside, a moving box would look just like any other box you can lay your hands upon. However, only an experienced client would know the several issues that arise during a moving session. It is highly necessary that you make the right decision when opting for moving boxes. Here are some basic tips to help you out:

Generally moving boxes are technically referred to as corrugated boxes. The term refers to the material, made from strong paper and protective fluting. Such kind of moving boxes are now being used for more than 150 years now.

Back in the 1870s, these corrugated boxes were used as shipping packages for bottles and products made out of glass. By 1902, we had the first solid wooden boxes and even fiber containers. A year on, corrugated boxes were approved to carry cereals and a wide array of other important exports. Further development and by the 1950s, corrugated boxes would ship all kinds of farm produce with minimal damage. The popularity of corrugated shipping boxes has since burgeoned and modern technology has offered improvements that make them highly resistant, durable, sturdy and weather/water resistant.

So what makes corrugated moving boxes so strong?

The corrugated boxes are made from a special combination of materials including wood fiber, recycled papers, wood chips and saw dust. Various combination of the above give way to different grades/quality of moving boxes. For the strongest results, mills will add sulfate to separate wood fibers. Other mechanical processes too contribute to the integrity of the material.

As explained, there are several factors that combine to produce a specific quality of a moving box. Thus the advantages and vulnerabilities associated with each type of moving box are different. However, as an end user, you will need to look for boxes that offer:

1. Stackability
2. Internal and external resistance
3. Safety and security

Overall, moving boxes are great choice whenever you are transporting any type of material between places. The general advantages of using moving box include:

Cost effective

Consider the scenario when you would have to move your refrigerator between homes. What would you do? Tie it up at the back of your truck or call in a ‘mover and packer’ service to take care of the necessity? Professional movers will always use corrugates boxes of the ideal dimension to transport your goods. The cost associated with renting these boxes is quite low compared to the price you would have paid using alternative methods.


One of the top advantages associated with moving boxes is the high degree of safety they provide. Depending on the goods to be transferred, they come in a range of sizes, quality and shock absorption capabilities.


Moving boxes can be reused several times over and recycled after a limit of use. While this is the reason of the low cost of hire, it also contributes to conservation of our natural resources.


High quality corrugated packaging materials are frequently used to seal goods and move them over considerable distance and over an extensive time period. They are also ideal for storage needs in several cases.

There would be very few people who don’t’ realize the advantages associated with moving boxes. For the range of advantages they provide, moving boxes can be said to be one of the easiest solutions around.