So, you have decided to turn your old cardboard box into something creative. For most of us cardboard boxes can be used only for packaging or storing and often we throw the box after using it. I was doing the same like most of us do (throwing the boxes after use) till last month. I recently got some amazing ideas from a friend of mine. She made a list of items that can be made with an old cardboard box. Let’s discuss about some items here:

A Dog House
That was the first item I tried to make after getting that list. You can use two small cardboard boxes or may be a single one with top and bottom flaps, is enough. Cut the longer side flaps off the top of bottom. Measure the smallest flap and mark the central point. Cut small flap to forming a triangular shape. Make a u-shape entrance for the dog. Tape the triangular shapes together forming a roof. All done, your dog house is ready

Buildings and Houses
Small buildings can be easily made with different-sized cardboard boxes. These buildings can be used as decorative items for Christmas. For making the roofs, use heavy duty foils. For making bricks, shoe boxes can be stacked. You can also make different models of home. Make a tunnel inside using brown roll paper.

Robots and Masks
Paint, cutter, paper rolls, feathers, pieces of wool are some item that will be needed to make a mask. Kids love these kinds of things, they will be happy after getting one. This activity can be used as a creative task to enhance the mental ability and imagination power of the kids.

There are many more items which can be easily made using old cardboard boxes like aircraft, spaceship, hat, swords, solar cookers, hiding den, craft material, cars, and boats. I am sure, next time you will try to make something creative and usable with your used cardboard box rather throwing it. Use cardboard boxes creatively, add some fun to your kid’s theme party.