The packaging of any product plays a crucial role in the branding efforts. It’s the first impression on the customers about your product. If the packaging you opted for goes wrong then it’s a great set back to your brand. A product’s packaging helps in boosts a brand. We have compiled a few tips to avoid some serious product packaging mistakes.


Know Your Audience

Packaging has a great relation with your target audience. You must choose your product packaging keeping in mind your target audience. Before choosing the packaging, know your audience thoroughly. Your product will be used by them. When you are the decision maker, you tend to overlook your audience choices and priority. You need to do some homework before finalising on the packaging design.

Your market research must disclose you a lot about your audience, your key demographic. Once you have the data in your hand, then you can understand their needs. Only a perfect packaging will make your product sell out.


Damage Free Design

Your product packaging must be robust and damage free. It has to travel from one place to other, from manufacturing unit to distributors, to the malls, and from malls to your customer’s home. Your packaging should be able to endear the entire journey, without getting damaged at any point.

What is the point in saving on the packaging if you end up suffering damages as in with your products? If your product is going to be sold in the upmarket malls or showrooms, then you need to take care of the looks as well, probably glossy finished look.

For products made of glass or any such easily breakable material, the packaging should be such that it provides support. Robust packaging is essential so that the product can easily survive bumps while being shipped till it reaches the shelves.

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Packaging Material

Your product should be inside the right packaging. The material of the packaging is crucial for the product safety. There are two types of materials – paperboard and corrugated – that are majorly used. It is coated chipboard in white for folding cartons trays and sleeves.

It is light weight material that can be easily printed with good results. It is used for dairy, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, hardware items and other products. Corrugated is a board made of paperboard with fluted medium paper laminated to it.

This is sturdy yet flexible stuff and is perfect to pack heavy and fragile items. Shipping cartons, packaging boxes and e-commerce packages are made out of it. Do a bit of market research and finalise a material that is suitable for your needs. Seek the expertise of some Packaging Distributors like Globe Packaging.


Size & Ergonomics

Size of the package in which the product is to put in is quite important. Also if your product is available in various sizes, you need to find out an economical way to out. Apart from size, ergonomics is also essential. Ergonomics is the way your target audience or customers will interact with the packaging and open it.