Every year millions of tons of plastic is used for packaging. Today plastic is used in almost every possible packaging activity. From small business to big enterprises you can easily find it everywhere however often when it comes to selecting the proper plastic packaging material we face a hard time in finding the right plastic for our packaging purposes. Therefore here we are presenting you with some of the most helpful tips in order to let you find the perfect sized plastics suitable for your packaging needs.

Size Plays an Important Role

One of the important things to work upon before you can go for the plastic packaging is to decide about the size of the plastics which are required for packaging your stuff. Different materials require different shapes and sizes of plastic for packaging. Therefore it is very important that you are aware of the sizes of the materials to be packed. Once you have decided this you can than go for the purchase of plastics. Other factors like quality of plastics, types of plastics including bubble wraps are other points which should be considered while selecting the plastic for your packaging needs

Different Types of Plastics are used for Different Packaging Purposes

Types of plastics are again an important point to be considered while purchasing them for packaging. Based on the types of plastics we have a variety of plastics to choose from

Different Types of Plastics are used for Different Packaging Purposes

PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate – These are commonly used for manufacturing the bottles. They are also one of the commonly used materials for packaging especially for wrapping the stuffs. One of the key advantages of this plastic material is that they can be easily recycled and is one of the most recycled materials used in U.K and United Sates.

Polyethylene Terephthalate

PE – Polyethylene – It is used in a variety of applications. Bottles, lids and sealing materials are just a few of the widely used materials in the packaging industry. Again it is one of the common materials used for sealing in packaging industry. It is generally used for sealing materials like trays. The bottles made of these plastics are easy to recycle therefore there is an increased preference for the use of these plastics.


PP – Polypropylene – One of their most common uses is as thin films in pouches. It is also used for making bottles and meat trays. However based on the fact that these are not yet easily recycled therefore their demand is not as high as the ones discussed before.


PS – Polystyrene It is commonly used for yoghurt pots and vegetable baskets/ punnets.


PVC – Polyvinyl ChlorideOnce it used to be one of the most commonly used plastic materials but now its use is discouraged.

 Polyvinyl Chloride

Liners Type

Based on the requirement there are different types of liners present. Plastic liners can be used for storing water or the liners which are used on roof tops. Similarly there are liners which can be easily used for packaging. For instance the F217 liners are composed of low-density foam. They are highly resistant to chemicals. As a result they can be readily used for packing the delicate items which have the risk of getting hampered by direct contact to chemicals.

Plastic Liners

On the other hand the heat sealed liners can be used for packaging materials which are very sensitive to the exposure of heat or fire.

Based on the above mentioned details you can easily determine the type of plastic you need and purchase them accordingly. In case if you are still not sure about the packaging you can always check our site for further assistance. You can also get in touch with us on

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