Packaging waste are the most talked and important topic trending in all over the world. This non-degradable waste creates a lot of menace and causes harm not only to the mankind but also degrades the environment.

So in order to reduce the pollution created by the packaging waste, directive rules on production has been implemented as well as on the marketing, use, recycling and refilling of containers.

But being consumers it’s on us that how we can reduce the production of waste caused by packaging. So here are some ways in which we can use or purchase items to reduce the consumption of excess packaging.

1. Take your own coffee mug with you wherever you go. Those coffee soaps, without taking any extra charges will fill your cup. In this way you can avoid using one-time-use Styrofoam cups with plastic lids.

2. You can a stainless and reusable drinking bottle in place of those drink boxes or bottles.

3. What is better than eating fresh? You can buy fresh fruits and veggies and can easily avoid buying food in cans and frozen boxes or plastic bags. This will not only help you to stay healthy but also will keep the environmental pollution in check.

4. Instead of using can, carton and plastic bags you can bring and use your own containers. While shopping carry your own bags and containers so that you don’t have to buy extra bags made of plastic which are very hard to dispose.

5. Instead of paper napkins you can use cloth napkins and avoid generating waste.

6. Instead of buying individual boxes of cereals and other stuffs you can buy big boxes of cereals.

7. You can avoid buying individual “snack-sized” boxes or bags.

8. Use a salad spinner instead of paper towels while washing non-bagged greens.

9. It will be good to buy quarts of yogurt in place of eight ounce or smaller cups.

10. Instead of paper filters you can use gold coffee filters or a cloth.

11. Instead of individual slices, buy bulked cheese.

12. Rather buying boxed popsicles you can make your own using reusable moulds. This will help you in saving your money and also save degradation of land.

13. Instead of aluminium disposable pans for baking and cooking and other stuffs you can use metal or ceramic pans.

14. You can replace those one time use tea bags with loose tea, which will not give you refreshing taste every time you sip it but also will help in controlling wastage.

15. Use green cleaning products for your households and kitchen instead of commercial cleaning products with all sort of chemicals and toxic ting minerals.

Using these simple things in your daily life will help in making environmental pollution to be in control. People unknowingly harm the environment and surroundings by generating waste and most common from that is packaging wastes. While walking down the road or sitting in a park you see cans and bottles loitering here and there, this causes harm not only to the environment and the surrounding but also degrades the human health by contaminating the place.

So being humans and of one natural society, we should take minor steps to control generation packaging waste which in future can help in controlling the environmental pollution.