Storing and organizing things have always been a tedious and challenging task. But, to make the transportation easier and protection of essential belongings, we use boxes.

The cardboard boxes are primarily used to move objects from one place to another. You can also store the items in these boxes and open and use them when required. It is critical to choose the right size of the box as then it will either take up much space or your item won’t fit inside the box. There are varied types of boxes which are suited for different purposes. Let us see the different kinds of boxes and when to use them.


Different Types of Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

The most commonly used boxes. These are the brown cardboard boxes which we use for storing materials. The items which are shipped to us are also packed in these boxes. These are used for shipping as they can be of any size which can fit most of the materials, and also because they are sturdy as there is a fluted paper in between the liners. If you are looking for boxes to move materials from one place to the other, you can use them. You can use the double ply boxes instead of single ply box, as they are sturdier than the latter.

Rigid Boxes

When any material of higher value is shipped, a rigid plate is used. They don’t collapse easily and the material used is pretty thick and strong. Folding cartons may collapse under pressure, but these boxes are very sturdy. When we order for any phone or watches, they are shipped via these boxes.

Folding Cartons

These cheap storage boxes are made from paperboard and are usually used for storing retail items. They are not very sturdy and can collapse. They are typically used for organizing smaller things in it, which can be kept in a larger box further before storing. Any material which weighs much can’t be stored in it.


Size of Boxes

Smaller Boxes

They have a height of less than 400 mm. If you are looking for boxes for carrying small sized but bulky items like books, you can use them. They are also perfect for carrying fragile things like any glass vessels or decorative items. It is easier to move them from one place to another. As the boxes are of small size, they can also be handled carefully. You can store frequently used items in these boxes as while arranging them; the little boxes will be above the rest.

Medium Boxes

Their height is usually around 430 mm. They are useful for storing light-weight items like toys, clothes, vessels, etc. Don’t put a lot of heavy stuff in these boxes as it will become inconvenient to carry them.

Large Boxes

They have a height of about 550 mm or even more. You can store very big items which are not heavy like blankets, pillows, kitchen appliances, winter garments etc.

It is very essential to keep your things organized. Although, don’t store them for too long as they are more susceptible to climatic conditions like humidity etc. Also, they are attracted by bugs easily. But, if it is about storing for a few months, you’re good to go.