Bubble wrap – we are constantly surrounded by this name when it comes to packaging and safekeeping. The typical plastic sheeting with numerous small air pockets has become more than a need and we all go by its virtues and depend on these for packing almost everything. Its amazing features and qualities as a wrapping solution like being lightweight, cushioning, reusable, easily storable, anti-abrasion, water resistant and more than everything being apt for any type of material, make it so popular. Manufacturing process of Bubble Film and Bags It starts with polythene resin formed into beads of a size of a pea gravel (what you call bubble later on). A cylinder with a screw runs its entire length rotating 180 degree to melt and squeeze to take shape of a bubble. A layer of plastic film is wrapped around the drum and the cylindrical holes are punched and attached to the sheet and air is sealed. To provide it a sustainable shape and strengthened base, extra layer of lamination sheet is added around it. To make sure that the air doesn’t leak from the bubbles they used to put on Saran Coating to seal it well. Later on, it was replaced […]