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How Product Packaging Influences Customer’s Buying Decision?

The first thing that comes to our notice while looking at a product is the packaging. When they say that first impression lasts long, it’s more than an expression. You don’t want a lasting impression but you would like the viewer to turn into your customer. Well, the right packaging will do the job for you. You need to understand the role being played by a product package on a prospective customer to successfully use this marketing tool. According to a study, about one-third of the decision made to buy a product is based on its packaging. Work out the First Impression If your product impresses the customer at the first look then the subsequent decisions are always a little biased. You should fully utilise this behaviour of people for your good and use the packaging to gain a kicking first impression. Everything that relates to your company and your product is represented via the package of the product. The better the package, the better is your customer reliance upon you. A packaging is said to be successful if your customer is able to notice your product among the wide range of options available. Such convenience attracts the customer towards […]

How Should I Pack My Shipments [Infographic]

You should pack your product effectively to avoid any damage while in transit. There are several ways of packing your goods. The infographic below, created by Globe Packaging, revolves around tips to pack your shipment correctly. You should follow these methods if you want to keep your products safe when shipping them from one place to another.