Advantages And Disadvantages Of Popular Strapping Products

Steel, polypropylene, polyester and cord are the four popular types of strapping available in the market. Each one has its own application and advantages. Following guide will help you in choosing out the right strapping for your application.   1. Steel Strapping It is the strongest of all and always recommended  whenever high strength is needed. The use of steel strapping is declining due to its sharp edges that can cause a trouble and recycling abilities. Advantages: Great strength, Low elongation Disadvantages: Costly, Difficult to recycle Steel strapping is commonly used in industries where sharp products are manufactured and shipped or heavy construction work is carried out. 2. Polypropylene Strapping It is the least expensive of all strapping material. It is common for all the workplaces. It is being used in almost every industry today where packaging is needed. Advantages: Cost effective, easy to recycle, easy to use, elongation is good, lightweight Popular applications of polypropylene strapping are: Bundling, Unitizing, Carton packaging   3. Polyester Strapping It is rigid and has less elongation than polypropylene straps. It is used in heavy duty loads where initially high tension is needed. Many steel strapping users are now using polyester strapping due to […]

Banding and Strapping Tool To Ship Multiple Items

The process of combining and bundling multiple items using strap is known as strapping. This is among the most common processes to provide safety and security to the goods whilst shipping. Plastic and steel are the common types of strapping materials. Suppliers who need to ship multiple goods at the same time use banding and strapping tools to make the task easy. These amazing tools are particularly designed to secure multiple goods. Banding the products together assures that the products will not fall here and there and get damaged during shipment. When it comes to banding and strapping, variety of tools and materials are easily available. You have to choose the best material according to your goods. For instance steel strapping is used where higher strength and lower stretch is required. On the other hand for light weight goods, plastic strapping is the better option. Every strapping material performs the same task (protection of goods) but in slightly different way. Tensioners are the widely used strapping tools. These small, hand held tools are used to secure smaller batches. Most of the times, tensioners are used to combine small circular items together. Sealer is another manual strapping tool. Sealers are commonly […]

Strapping- Tools and Facts

With this info-graph we are sharing information about some of the best strapping tools and the materials used for strapping. For buying quality packaging materials and strapping tools, don’t forget to visit Globe Packaging.

Ensure a safe delivery of large shipments with Strapping

Do you have a large shipment of goods to be sent, but you are worried about  the parcels being lost in transit? Are you shipping in pallets via a busy courier and want your customer’s goods to remain intact and received all at once? Well read how the professionals do it. When packaging distributors’ ship out in large quantities, they usually tend to bundle the shipments of the similar products or on the basis of the end destination. This is to ensure that the parcels stay combined and remains together, to avoid any scenario of missing products or being involved in a different shipment and resulting in the product being sent to a wrong destination. The bundle method, which is generally used, is known as strapping. It binds the packages with multiple straps made from a strong flat flexible material. The most common straps are made from various plastics including polypropylene, nylon, and polyester. The other common material used for strapping is steel. Steel strapping is mainly used for heavier processes of bundling parcels/packages to keep them reinforced and fastened, to minimise movement during different types of transit. Strapping is also used for attaching items to pallets and securing unit […]