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Everything We Need to Know About Bubble Film & Bags

Bubble wrap – we are constantly surrounded by this name when it comes to packaging and safekeeping. The typical plastic sheeting with numerous small air pockets has become more than a need and we all go by its virtues and depend on these for packing almost everything. Its amazing features and qualities as a wrapping solution like being lightweight, cushioning, reusable, easily storable, anti-abrasion, water resistant and more than everything being apt for any type of material, make it so popular. Manufacturing process of Bubble Film and Bags It starts with polythene resin formed into beads of a size of a pea gravel (what you call bubble later on). A cylinder with a screw runs its entire length rotating 180 degree to melt and squeeze to take shape of a bubble. A layer of plastic film is wrapped around the drum and the cylindrical holes are punched and attached to the sheet and air is sealed. To provide it a sustainable shape and strengthened base, extra layer of lamination sheet is added around it. To make sure that the air doesn’t leak from the bubbles they used to put on Saran Coating to seal it well. Later on, it was replaced […]

What to do with Bubble Wrap After Moving?

So, most of the people who take movers and packagers services are found to be clueless about a few basic things related to post-service utility. Among such things one is about what to be done with bubble wraps after they are used and the job is sorted. Well, what these can be used for after their one-time use is what we are looking to find the answer for. Here are a few super cool hacks you can go with to reuse the bubble wrap and derive great post-utility value out of it.   1. Insulate your home Bubble wraps are excellent insulators. So, you can use the used wraps as protection layer against cold and moisture. It is really going to help you if your house has the problem of heat loss. To do this effectively you can simply stick large bubble wrap pieces to your walls and put the remaining ones in the gaps of doors and windows. You can even wrap up your water pipes with these to avoid any sort of cracking or bursting by keeping it from freezing up.   2. Guard your car windshield from freezing In chilly and uphill areas most of the people […]

The Best Packaging Materials for Shipping Dangerous Goods

Shipping is one of the most tedious tasks when it comes to transporting goods over long distances. Especially, when you are shipping dangerous goods, you need to ensure that they are carried with ease and safety. While cardboard boxes and moving boxes are the main packaging material that carries shipments from one place to another, there are several other things too that form a crucial part of shipping dangerous goods from one place to another. Most of the times the items that require careful packaging are the ones that are perishable or the ones that can react with other substances. These items can also include explosives. Here are a few of such packaging materials that can be used for shipping dangerous goods. 1. Air Pillows Air pillows are made up of an advanced form of versatile polymers which are resilient enough to withstand any shocks during the transportation of goods. Air pillows provide cushioning and lining to the goods preventing them from any damage during transportation. 2. Refrigerated Gel Pack We generally use dry ice when shipping item that requires cooling. Refrigerated ice packs provide low cost and easy alternative to this. You can use them for keeping the items […]

4 Types of Bubble Wraps for Different Uses

Are you moving your home or office within the city? Are you relocating to a new country altogether? You will need a movers and packers company which uses the best packaging materials for the goods to be transported safely to the new destination. Do you intend to send a parcel with a delicate item within and want to be sure that it does not undergo any kind of damage? For such kinds of parcels using bubble wrap is the best thing to do. Just wrap the items with bubble wrap and they will be super protected. The air filled bubbles will not let any kind of pressure come on the item directly, thus protecting it from all kinds of damage. This kind of wrapping is generally used for electronic items too.     You might not know that that there are different kinds of bubble wraps available for use. You have to understand which kind of bubble wrap roll should be used for what purpose. Read on to know about the different kinds of bubble wraps to be used for different purposes: Cush N Air Large Bubble Wrap – Cush n Air is one of the leading brands which deal […]

7 Essential Tips for Packing Fragile Items When Moving

If you are shifting your house for professional reasons or looking to move to a completely new house in a new locality, you will have to pack your belongings and make necessary arrangements for shifting. There are different items in a house or in an office, which include fragile items as well. And it is needless to say that fragile items have to be handled with care so that no damage is inflicted on the same during transit. Suitable packaging supplies are needed for packing fragile items. Mentioned below are 7 tips which can be followed while packing fragile items during shifting: 1. Stock the right kinds of fragile item packing materials If you don’t have the right kinds of packaging materials for fragile items, even the best packing and moving company cannot guarantee safe delivery of your goods. Some of the most important materials in this regard include bubble wraps, packing tape, cardboard boxes, packing paper etc. packing papers are preferred over newsprints so that ink is not transferred to the items in any way. 2. Go for suitable wrapping solutions Many people use towels, paper towels, newspapers etc for wrapping fragile items. Expert packs and movers recommend using […]