You perhaps have heard about or come across the word polystyrene very often. It is also known as Styrofoam. It is so far the best packaging solution. Choosing the best packaging for your use can be intimidating, specifically if you are new to the industry. High impact polystyrene is a multipurpose, economical, and rigid material that exhibits great strength.     Today, with the help of this post we will narrow our focus to discussing high impact polystyrene. As the name suggests, high impact polystyrene is a form of polystyrene that consists of higher impact strength. Polystyrene is in great demand due to its insulation properties. We will walk you through facts about high impact polystyrene.   High impact polystyrene is a plastic resin that is used in the manufacturing of myriad products. It is a versatile plastic used to make a wide array of consumer products.   Our today’s post revolves around the facts about Polystyrene Corner Protection.So, without any further ado, let’s get started. Facts about High Impact Polystyrene High Impact Polystyrene is an advanced form of polystyrene. It is actively used as a packaging solution for a wide array of applications in the food, medical industry, cosmetic, […]