Moving Overseas – Packaging Advice to Follow For Peace of Mind

Is your job demanding you to move overseas? Yes. In that case, there are many things that need careful consideration and one important point in that is that of packing things. How to start the whole packing process, how to go about packing etc are questions that are sure to leave you highly stressed and full of anxiety. Since the goods will be moved internationally, this is mainly done through shipping. Packing carefully – very important One of the most important aspects of overseas moving is packing of goods. It is important that the right kinds of packaging materials are used in the packing of the materials so that the items are completely safe and reach their destination without any kind of damage. The materials that are used for packing vary from one item to the other. Fragile and delicate items need extra protection for international travel so that no damage is inflected on the items in transit. Electronic goods also need careful handling so that no parts get dismantled or damaged in the journey. Get rid of things you don’t need While packing for your overseas destination, you will find many items in your home that you don’t need […]

Top Tips for Camping

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, camping is a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Even for those whose idea of sheer horror is sleeping outside with nature will find something pleasurable about camping. We can almost guarantee it! The anticipation of freedom can be stress-relieving, while being at one with nature can really boost your mood. And the simplicity of it all makes you slow down your pace, meaning you can enjoy that cup of coffee you brewed ever so slowly, without gulping it down as you dash out of the front door to work like you normally do. Whatever your location or destination for camping, we’ve put together our top tips for helping you camp in style! Loading the Car: The first and most important thing to put in your car boot is the tent. Yep, believe it or not, there have been occasions where people have forgotten their tent, almost rendering their trip a complete disaster! Try to put the tent at the bottom of the boot near the door or slide it in sideways so you don’t end up having to unpack the whole boot before you even begin anything! Avoid stacking items on […]

We’ve Got You Covered

While our main aim as packaging distributors is to supply you with all the packaging supplies you could need, we also stock general supplies. We do this because sometimes a business needs to combine packaging with general supplies. General supplies can be anything from fire extinguishers to plastic cups and paper towels. Or if it’s not a business that requires general supplies, it’s you. You may require a batch of envelopes and at the same time you could realise you need some carrier bags or plastic containers.It’s funny how the mind works! We have carrier bags available in blue and white for light or heavy duties. Light duty bags are ideal for sweet shops, stall holders or convenience stores. They are also great for storing little items or products if you are moving house and do not require a box. The heavier duty bags measuring in at 11x17x21” are supermarket-style carrier bags and can take a heavier weight. These Kraft approved paper fruit and food bags are also available in different quantity packs and sizes. Ideal for grocery stores and stall holders. They are also handy to have in the home when transporting fruit or other foods to school or […]

Tips On Reducing The Food Packaging Waste

Food and meals play a very crucial role in affecting the environment. While food is the requirement for everyone, the packaging it comes with can cause environmental pollution. Therefore we should always strive to change our habits and do something in order to make a difference to the environment. It has been found out that close to one third of the waste is produced by food packaging which if controlled can help in reducing the impact of these wastes on the environment. Here are some easy tips which can help to reduce the food packaging waste and help make your environment clean. Whenever you are going to a grocery store make sure you give attention to your packaging materials you are carrying with you or received from the grocery store. Always prefer glass and paper packaging over plastic packaging. It is always better if you can purchase the fruits and vegetables from the local farmer markets or produce stands. In case of no other packaging available except plastics make sure you escape those conditions or else you already have paper bags along with you. Make sure you avoid the individual wrapped items and go for bulk packaging. Always carry your […]

The Advantages of Using Plastic Packaging

We use plastics every day in some form or the other for different purposes. In a way plastics have become a very important part of our life. There are a lot of advantages related to plastic packaging. We have mentioned some of the important advantages of using plastics below. Plastics Are Lighter In Weight – Plastics are much lighter than other packaging materials. Plastic Is More Flexible Than Glass – In the packaging industry flexibility matters a lot. Although glass can be shaped into different sizes depending upon the requirements but plastics are even more flexible and they are quite economical too. Transportation And Storing Plastic – Plastic packaging always takes less space in comparison to the glass. They are also much lighter than the glass packaging; therefore in case of bulk packaging plastics are much more efficient than the glass. Plastic Takes Up Less Energy To Recycle –When it comes to recycling of plastics and glass, plastics take much less energy than glass which requires a lot of energy in order to get recycled. Convenience – Plastics are always convenient for packaging as they are very light weight, flexible, easily available and economical. Not As Harmful As Some Other […]