So, most of the people who take movers and packagers services are found to be clueless about a few basic things related to post-service utility. Among such things one is about what to be done with bubble wraps after they are used and the job is sorted. Well, what these can be used for after their one-time use is what we are looking to find the answer for. Here are a few super cool hacks you can go with to reuse the bubble wrap and derive great post-utility value out of it.   1. Insulate your home Bubble wraps are excellent insulators. So, you can use the used wraps as protection layer against cold and moisture. It is really going to help you if your house has the problem of heat loss. To do this effectively you can simply stick large bubble wrap pieces to your walls and put the remaining ones in the gaps of doors and windows. You can even wrap up your water pipes with these to avoid any sort of cracking or bursting by keeping it from freezing up.   2. Guard your car windshield from freezing In chilly and uphill areas most of the people […]