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We’ve Got You Covered

While our main aim as packaging distributors is to supply you with all the packaging supplies you could need, we also stock general supplies. We do this because sometimes a business needs to combine packaging with general supplies. General supplies can be anything from fire extinguishers to plastic cups and paper towels. Or if it’s not a business that requires general supplies, it’s you. You may require a batch of envelopes and at the same time you could realise you need some carrier bags or plastic containers.It’s funny how the mind works! We have carrier bags available in blue and white for light or heavy duties. Light duty bags are ideal for sweet shops, stall holders or convenience stores. They are also great for storing little items or products if you are moving house and do not require a box. The heavier duty bags measuring in at 11x17x21” are supermarket-style carrier bags and can take a heavier weight. These Kraft approved paper fruit and food bags are also available in different quantity packs and sizes. Ideal for grocery stores and stall holders. They are also handy to have in the home when transporting fruit or other foods to school or […]

Understanding The Role Of Packaging In 2015

Irrespective of the industry, packaging has always undergone drastic changes. Though the brand image and price are the key factors influencing the purchasing, packaging has also lent its part in influencing the consumers’ decision making. As per Canadian Market Research, packaging has always been offering a sensory experience during the buying process. With a large number of competing products available on the shelf, innovative packaging is the only way to draw the attention of the consumer. It has been a key tool for both big and new brands to retain their market share or enter the market respectively. However, come 2015 and industry experts believe that there is going to be a substantial change in the role played by the packaging process. Sustainability Modern consumers expect the brands to reciprocate to the needs to ensure environment friendly and sustainable practices. A study conducted by the Carton Council of North America suggests that consumers expect packaging to play an important motivator for recycling. With several products, packaging is the first source of information about proper disposal and recycling practices. A great example would be the water bottles and soft drink bottles that come with specific instruction of what to do with […]

How To Use Labels To Enhance The Marketing Strategies?

Product labeling is an important part of the marketing and selling process. It has long been used with packaging to deliver product information, company information, product value and influencing the perceived value of the overall product. There are several uses that product labeling caters to. 1. Marketing Marketing is defined as any activity that promotes the selling process. An important element of marketing thus revolves around communication and providing information. While it is one of the core aspects of any business, several brands and businesses have failed to provide the effective means. A product label is the first thing that a consumer notices regardless of whether he/she is buying from the shelf or from an online catalogue. In fact, ecommerce marketers know that product labeling is much more effective as the means of communication than the offline sales. Labels are the only tools that allow the buyers to have a closer look at the product. It supports: Creating a first impression: It has always been said that the “first impression is also the last impression”. The implication of this statement is crucial for the retail industry. The better you design a label, the better will be the impression of a […]