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Role Of Flexible Packaging In Business Growth

By 2018, the global packaging industry is set to grow at 3.5% PA and this impressive expansion suggests the rise in demand from various stakeholders. As of 2013, the market tonnage for the packaging industry was 24.3 million tonnes and according to the numbers, it will be eventually reaching the magical figure of 30 million tonnes in another 3 years. Flexible packaging has registered both value growth and volume in all continents across the globe. At the core, flexible packaging has been able to ensure that consumer goods are delivered satisfactorily and there is a greater chance for repeat businesses. Going by the statistics again, the leading procurement managers have switched to flexible packaging solutions, especially with goods related to food and beverage. For a completely successful sale, a consumer needs to get his orders in the best conditions. A flexible packaging solution doesn’t just protect against damage but also presents an impressive look. The greatest advantage with flexible packaging solution is however a safe transit of goods. Damage, howsoever minor can create a negative impression and affect the credibility of the brand. With competition increasing, not many will take the risk of losing out on an opportunity of repeat […]

The Benefits Of Using Plastics

We have long been using plastics in our day to day life. Plastic has been an important entity in all our lives. However with time and advancement plastic not only helps in our packaging needs but now it has been contributing to a lot many things directly or indirectly impacting the world around us. In fact with the help of plastics we can help improve our lifestyle further. Therefore today we are going to discuss some of the interesting facts about plastics and how it is helping to improve the way we are living. Plastics Making The World Around Us Lighter – Imagine, if plastics were not there, how would you have carried your stuffs to your place? Anything which is not plastic when it comes to packaging tends to add extra weight to your packed material making it tough to carry. However with plastic, things are much lighter. Not only it helps in reducing weight of the packed materials but at the same time it increases the portability and saves your energy. A More Comfortable World With Plastics – Plastics are also used for insulation of offices, houses and other such places. In fact if properly installed at home […]

Some Unknown Facts About Plastic Packaging

Most of us frequently use plastics however we never know about the science behind using these plastics. For instance we all love potato chips. However how many of us really know which gas is filled inside the packets of these delicious chips and why the chips have been packed in such a manner. Well today we will be sharing some exciting but unknown facts about the science of plastic packaging. Potato Chip Bags – Many of us complaint that although the potato chip bags seem to be filled with lots of chips however when we open them up it turns out that we were wrong. But does any of us know that inflating these bags ensures that we get the chips as fresh as it was at the time of packaging. More importantly the gas filled inside these bags is not oxygen by any chance. Instead it is nitrogen. One of the main reasons for this is that oxygen can react with the chips packed inside and can make them soggy. And none of us would like to eat soggy chips for sure. In order to further ensure the freshness of the bags, these also have thin aluminium coating on […]

Why You Should Use Cardboard Boxes For Moving?

Moving your household stuff is a tough task as you have to take proper care of the materials and at the same time the packaging should be easy to handle. Cardboard boxes are your perfect companion when it comes to moving heavy materials. These boxes are widely used for storing goods and after that delivering them to the destination. Moving house boxes are easy to carry and handle, you can safely transport all kinds of raw materials and fragile goods. How To Buy Right Cardboard Box? Here are some tips you should follow in order to buy the best cardboard box for your moving needs. 1. While buying the boxes, do check the material for its reliability. The cardboard boxes are made of corrugated fiberboard, paperboard and card stock. The material you select must be solid enough to carry the goods properly. 2. The choice of boxes also depends on the mode of transport and nature of goods. 3. Nature of material plays a crucial role here. For small sized materials you should use small cardboard boxes and for moving wardrobe you can use wardrobe garment boxes. If you are planning to transfer the stationary then book wrap boxes are […]

Eco-Friendly Packaging For Luxury Goods

People are getting more and more environmentally conscious and as a result, luxury brand manufacturers are switching to environment friendly packaging techniques. Previously, the focus of packing goods, especially the luxury items was primarily on the degree of attractiveness. Using a variety of materials, colors and chemicals, packaging was made brighter and bigger in order to impress the customer. However, the modern consumer is much more aware then we were a decade ago. Lifestyle choices in every household are getting more sustainable and the consumer packaging industry is equally affected.   Packaging manufacturers are switching to Eco friendly materials even if it costs them extra. It is not true anymore that prestige brands and consumers are just concerned about the looks and are indifferent to the environmental impacts. They understand that the package is just meant to give a beautiful cover and further to protect the item. As such, they are more concerned with the quality of the content rather than the package it comes with. At the same time, technology has helped evolve several Eco friendly alternatives to packaging materials like plastic, paper, etc. A prime example would be the leading fashion brand, Gucci. Gucci has launched a drive […]