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Top 5 Packaging Options to Help You Enhance Your Customer’s Product Experience

Professional packaging industry is a client oriented industry. That means satisfying clients is the top priority in this trade and doing that successfully will help a business to sustain on the long run. On the other hand, the businesses that fail to provide satisfactory services to clients are generally found to move towards extinction. Good packaging does not only ensure security of the products, but also assure good aesthetic values and easy storage. From foods to heavy materials or goods, packaging industry is vast as different kinds of products are required to be packaged. Packing is an art, and mastering this art is important to enhance buyers’ experiences. Terrific packaging of a product lures clients, while some clients check packaging before buying a product in order to ensure health as well as hygiene. Transportation is also an important factor. This is why products with better packaging are chosen by the buyers, if the products are required to be transported. Ensure Efficient and Interesting Packaging A perfectly packed product has lingering impressions on the buyers or customers. This is why product manufacturers focus on packaging with high importance. Making the packaging interesting is highly suggested, though you should not make packaging […]

Why Your Product’s Packaging Is as Important as the Product Itself

Most business people do not realise it but your product’s packaging is meant to communicate a purpose, this purpose is what your brand stands for and what it means for your customer. Take Tiffany & Co for example, for most people the iconic blue box with the white bow is more recognisable than the jewellery itself, this shows that packaging is powerful because it tells consumers why your product and brand are different. Apple is known for its clean, minimalist packaging. If you’ve ever watched an un-boxing video for a new iPhone, you know people love Apple’s packaging. Great packaging is especially significant for growing businesses because it can have a direct impact on sales and a company’s overall appeal. Packaging can continue to influence a company’s sales as it grows larger. MillerCoors’ sales slumped last year, but the Miller Lite retro bumped sales by nearly 5 percent. MillerCoors didn’t change its beer; it just changed the can it came in. Poor packaging can have an even more dramatic effect. All start-ups want to achieve the instantly recognizable status of Apple and Tiffany & Co., and that type of brand power starts with a product’s packaging. So, how can you […]

Top Tips for Camping

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, camping is a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Even for those whose idea of sheer horror is sleeping outside with nature will find something pleasurable about camping. We can almost guarantee it! The anticipation of freedom can be stress-relieving, while being at one with nature can really boost your mood. And the simplicity of it all makes you slow down your pace, meaning you can enjoy that cup of coffee you brewed ever so slowly, without gulping it down as you dash out of the front door to work like you normally do. Whatever your location or destination for camping, we’ve put together our top tips for helping you camp in style! Loading the Car: The first and most important thing to put in your car boot is the tent. Yep, believe it or not, there have been occasions where people have forgotten their tent, almost rendering their trip a complete disaster! Try to put the tent at the bottom of the boot near the door or slide it in sideways so you don’t end up having to unpack the whole boot before you even begin anything! Avoid stacking items on […]

Understanding The Role Of Packaging In 2015

Irrespective of the industry, packaging has always undergone drastic changes. Though the brand image and price are the key factors influencing the purchasing, packaging has also lent its part in influencing the consumers’ decision making. As per Canadian Market Research, packaging has always been offering a sensory experience during the buying process. With a large number of competing products available on the shelf, innovative packaging is the only way to draw the attention of the consumer. It has been a key tool for both big and new brands to retain their market share or enter the market respectively. However, come 2015 and industry experts believe that there is going to be a substantial change in the role played by the packaging process. Sustainability Modern consumers expect the brands to reciprocate to the needs to ensure environment friendly and sustainable practices. A study conducted by the Carton Council of North America suggests that consumers expect packaging to play an important motivator for recycling. With several products, packaging is the first source of information about proper disposal and recycling practices. A great example would be the water bottles and soft drink bottles that come with specific instruction of what to do with […]

Tips On Reducing The Food Packaging Waste

Food and meals play a very crucial role in affecting the environment. While food is the requirement for everyone, the packaging it comes with can cause environmental pollution. Therefore we should always strive to change our habits and do something in order to make a difference to the environment. It has been found out that close to one third of the waste is produced by food packaging which if controlled can help in reducing the impact of these wastes on the environment. Here are some easy tips which can help to reduce the food packaging waste and help make your environment clean. Whenever you are going to a grocery store make sure you give attention to your packaging materials you are carrying with you or received from the grocery store. Always prefer glass and paper packaging over plastic packaging. It is always better if you can purchase the fruits and vegetables from the local farmer markets or produce stands. In case of no other packaging available except plastics make sure you escape those conditions or else you already have paper bags along with you. Make sure you avoid the individual wrapped items and go for bulk packaging. Always carry your […]