Each year, we see new revolutionary technologies entering into our lives and making our day-to-day tasks easy. Proper packaging of the food items is essential to keep them fresh for longer period of time. Packaging should be practical, eco-friendly and economical. We will be soon able to see modern packaging concepts in malls, restaurants and in our kitchens which will “go beyond” the basic function of packaging. Let’s have a look at these 5 cool packaging technologies of the future: 1. Edible Packaging A team of researchers at Harvard University have innovated varieties of foods which are tastefully packed and supplied in appropriate edible covering. Their study is inspired by a simple apple, which protects itself within its own usual edible covering. This can not only prove helpful in reducing the packaging waste but at the same time it can increase the appeal of the food too. This kind of packaging has been in use in Japan where candy is packed in edible rice wrappers. 2. Smart Packaging   Keeping a check on the expiry date of the food product is now easy. Researchers at the University of Connecticut have invented an “electronic tongue”.  A sensor is installed into the packaging […]