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The Magic of Plastic Packaging

Imagine about a visit to one of your close by super market stores. And when you checked for your stuff, surprisingly you found a bizarre of new things. Stuff which are packed quite differently than the way you have expected them to be. Your favorite chicken wings packed in the vacuum sealed pouch instead of tin canes, noodles in flexible films and there are no more jars for your favorite jelly and jams. Instead they are packed into more attractive squeeze bottles. The way plastics are used these days, they have changed the way we used to live years back. Plastic packaging has played a crucial role in carving out a new eating style in our lives. There was a time when you cannot afford to store anything longer than a day or two. However now it is more kind of a night mare as we have already woke up from our sleep. In a recent survey conducted worldwide, it was found out that one third of the total food produced for consumption goes to waste pertaining to different factors and one of the major ones among these is the low shelf life period for the eatables. Imagine one third […]

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cardboard Packaging

Using right cardboard boxes and proper cardboard packaging techniques is important to ship your valuable goods. This infograph, created by Globe Packaging, highlights some of the key points which you should always keep in mind while packing and transporting your products using cardboard boxes.      

Cardboard Edge Guard Protectors

While shipping a pallet of products, have you ever used any extra protection for the edges and corners? If not then probably it can cause headache at both the ends i.e. receiver and sender. Here comes the role of edge protection. Without any edge protection, packaged products can face a serious damage; moreover it can lead to dangerous warehouse situations. When thinking of edge guard protectors how you decide the best one for the purpose? The size, shape and weight of your packaged goods should be determining factors when selecting the corner protection methods. Corner board or angel board is just the perfect choice if you are using traditional rectangle- shaped boxes. The packages which are oddly shaped require other kinds of specific edge guard protectors. If you are regularly using pallet racking system then pallet protectors are must for you. A variety of edge protectors provide stability and safety to shipment. A pallet is just a structural foundation which provides handling and storage space efficiency. Pallet protector will keep the racks and content safe from any accidental damage. When it comes to buying pallet protectors, you can simply click on Globe Packaging and choose the one which fits the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Packaging Symbols

We often notice these symbols on the packaging of every product. Packaging symbols have become a vital part of product identity. Go through this infographic, created by Globe Packaging, and get to know about the packaging symbols and their uses.    

Are You Aware of These Unknown Facts

Every year we produce enough waste in all forms, which if piled up together can easily make up a bridge to moon. Every day we are devastating an area equal to the size of football ground by cutting down trees. Imagine a world filled with concrete, where instead of blue sky you have gotten into a habit of looking at the black sky. Where there is no free oxygen and you have to wear a mask in order to survive. If you think that this is a nightmare, than be aware of the fact that the way we are producing waste, the day is not far when something similar can happen. Therefore it is imperative that we start taking initiatives in order to control this ever increasing pollution. One of the best ways to control this ever increasing pollution is to encourage the process of recycling for the waste products. Today with the help of innovation and advancement in the technologies we can easily recycle any possible waste which was not possible until few years back. So today we are going to discuss some of the interesting facts about recycling plastics, one of the major products for increased pollution which […]