Bubble wraps are among the most popular packaging materials that are being used. This material is particularly very useful for packing electronic goods and other delicate and fragile items. The bubbles are filled with air and this makes a kind of cushion around the object. Even when there is pressure inflicted, the bubbles do not allow the same to come on the item directly. These wraps are available in varieties – the small bubble wraps and the large bubble wraps being the most common of all. But apart from being used as packaging supplies, bubble wraps can be used in other innovative ways as well. Mentioned below find some creative as well as useful ways of using bubble wraps: 1. Maintaining temperature of groceries – If your home is little away from the grocery store and you want to maintain the temperature of some item, a bubble wrap can be of great help. For instance, if you want the ice cream to stop melting on your way back home, try lining the ice cream box with bubble wrap. The temperature remains stable as air passage is blocked with the wrap. 2. Protective covering for plants – If you have vegetable […]