Moving Boxes

Take Advantage Of Moving Boxes – Read These Tips

From the outside, a moving box would look just like any other box you can lay your hands upon. However, only an experienced client would know the several issues that arise during a moving session. It is highly necessary that you make the right decision when opting for moving boxes. Here are some basic tips to help you out: Generally moving boxes are technically referred to as corrugated boxes. The term refers to the material, made from strong paper and protective fluting. Such kind of moving boxes are now being used for more than 150 years now. Back in the 1870s, these corrugated boxes were used as shipping packages for bottles and products made out of glass. By 1902, we had the first solid wooden boxes and even fiber containers. A year on, corrugated boxes were approved to carry cereals and a wide array of other important exports. Further development and by the 1950s, corrugated boxes would ship all kinds of farm produce with minimal damage. The popularity of corrugated shipping boxes has since burgeoned and modern technology has offered improvements that make them highly resistant, durable, sturdy and weather/water resistant. So what makes corrugated moving boxes so strong? The […]

Potential Of Packaging In Multichannel Retailing

The culture of online shopping is rising with a rapid speed. Now we have all the resources and technologies available at affordable costs and no one today wants to visit physical stores to buy goods as we can order almost everything from online stores while enjoying the comfort of our home. But what is the role of packaging or better we should say how packaging industry is evolving with these current shopping trends? Read it here. Multichannel retailing is going to be more effective in 2015. Now people are looking for compact packaging solutions which should be made of eco-friendly materials. Packaging which is used in big physical stores is far different than online stores. Huge changes can be easily noticed in food packaging industry as this industry particularly uses packaging materials which can keep the food fresh for a long time. The other important thing about packaging is design. Companies are investing money to get the best designs so that they can make an impact as well as circulate a positive message about their brand. On the whole these things are contributing to brand awareness. Be it a logo or safety message, design is going to play a crucial […]

Everything You Need to Know About Packaging Symbols

We often notice these symbols on the packaging of every product. Packaging symbols have become a vital part of product identity. Go through this infographic, created by Globe Packaging, and get to know about the packaging symbols and their uses.    

Packaging Tips for Your Books

Planning for relocation? Have you planned how to pack your books? Although books are not among the most fragile items but still they need a proper packing in order to make sure that they are not tampered while moving them from one place to another. We often read different types of books; books which are meant for official purpose, books which you like reading and many more. But when it comes to their packing, we generally do not have much idea about their packaging. The end result is we either end up tampering them while moving them from one place to another, or even worse at times we even get them misplaced. So here are some important yet simple tips which can help you a lot in packing your books and ensuring that they are delivered in proper condition.   1. Dressing up your books   If your books are already covered, you just need to clean them up. It’s always good if you remove the unwanted stickers from it. One of the easy ways of doing so is using the lighter fluid. It is one of the best agents in cleaning the stuff like these. However just make sure […]

Preserve your goods while shipping!

Business supplies are to be delivered fast and prompt, whether it is bespoke items or general solutions. In addition, goods in which you sell as a business should be delivered to your clients in the safest way so the packing method needs to be thought about, to avoid any chance of loss or damage. To meet these simple requirements and keep your clients happy, you need to pack and then parcel the goods in quality moving boxes with the right protection solutions. Globe Packaging believe in the safe delivery of goods which is why they even stock bubble envelopes on the website, with all the other forms of protection to help these products reach their destination in good condition. You can promote your brand also with custom and bespoke cardboard boxes and packaging boxes. Your own labels and personalized marks, can add impressive detail to your business and your brand. Especially because all boxes have a 75%, chance of being reused as maybe boxes for moving or general storage. You should always ensure the use of correct packaging supplies for preserving the essence of your offerings.The use of simple packing items like, bubble wrap, reliable masking tapes, and mailing bags, assure your customers that the […]