When you run a business with a small staff it is easy to get overwhelmed by the responsibilities. There is processing orders, shipping, transportation, account details, marketing, etc. One major responsibility is to ensure your parcel boxes reach their destination intact.

Sometimes, due to a lack of proper packaging, products face damage. This means extra logistics, refunding the money—a lot of expenses piling up.

We Have Created A List of 10 Effective Tips to Make Your Packaging Game Better!

Check and Test Your Packaging Materials

While many people buy supplies from popular packaging distributors, they forget to test them. Packaging supplies come in different qualities. Therefore, it is important to know whether it fits your product requirement.

Drop test the cardboard boxes before your start packing them. Check the elasticity of the packing tapes. Using the correct packing materials will ensure product safety.

Don’t Use Old Cardboard Boxes

We understand that sustainability is a big concern right now. However, with repeated use, cardboard boxes become weaker. They won’t provide the necessary protection to your parcel.

Use old cardboard boxes for other purposes. You can also send them to recycling units. Never use old cardboard boxes.

Fill Out Any Empty Space Inside The Box

Once you know what packaging supplies to use, it is essential to protect the inner packaging as well. Minimal packaging helps with packing wastes. But that doesn’t mean you leave empty spaces inside the box.

Use bubble wrap, shredded paper, corrugated papers, and packaging papers to cushion your products. Some small businesses also use newspapers. This will prevent the items inside the parcel box to move around and getting damaged.

Don’t Use Delicate Packaging

Fabric bags can get damaged very easily due to the sharp edges of the objects. You need to make sure that your packaging is sturdy enough.

You can use fabric bags to pack items when there isn’t any risk of tearing the cloth. So, apparel and shoes are good candidates for this type of cloth packaging.

Careful If You Use Luxury Packaging

A lot of companies are making custom packaging to enhance customer experience. However, there are certain risks to that. Luxury packaging which includes ribbons or paper bows on parcel boxes can get caught with other machines or parcels in the warehouse.

Attractive packaging materials need to be carefully handled and packed by professionals.

Label Properly

When you place shipping labels, the positioning matters a lot. Whether it is a printed label or a handwritten one, labels need to be at the centre of the parcel moving box.

Then comes the use of the tapes. Only use transparent tapes on labels and make sure all the information is properly seen. Inserting an additional invoice is very important. It helps in the case of stolen items or damaged labels.

Additional Labelling Doesn’t Always Work

This happens for fragile items a lot. No amount can substitute for strong and durable packaging. People often use labels like “this side up”, or “heavy” printed labels to caution the handlers while dealing with the parcel.

While people can read that, you cannot rely on labelling for breakable products. So, invest in good quality packaging materials from Globe Packaging.

Check for Restrictions and Prohibited Items

Many countries or states have certain prohibited items. These include—firecrackers, certain drugs or medicines, food products, etc.

Restricted items if lost or damaged cannot be compensated. So, before you ship any item, check the customs clearance list thoroughly.

Provide All The Information on The Packaging

Packaging is not only a means to promote your brand or protect products inside. It is necessary to put all the right information for your customers. Everything from the details of the contents to the value of the items should be there on the cardboard box.

Many companies provide additional QR codes which can be scanned to get other information. These are important in case of damage or lost items. Sometimes, if you are sending a parcel overseas, custom clearance needs a lot of additional information.

Take Compensation Cover for Valuables

In majority of cases, the parcel boxes arrive safely at their destination. But accidents can happen anytime.

So, if you are shipping expensive items like limited edition watches, electronics, luxury products or jewellery, it is smart to get compensation cover for them.