You are a book addict and you have your own library. Since you keep hoarding books to satiate your book lust you have a ton of books. But now you are moving to another place and shifting your library seems to be a daunting task. Read the tips for bibliophiles to pack books hassle free for moving. Discard Few First step before you start packing your books is to discard those books that you would not require any more. It is the perfect time to do this. It is quite difficult to decide which ones to discard but you could go through your bookshelf again and again and pull out at least a few of them. You can donate them or sell them as per your choice. Pack in Cardboard Boxes Cardboard boxes in various sizes are available at Globe Packaging. They are available in all sizes ranging from small, medium and large, as per your requirement. For lighter books go for small size box with single wall but for hardcovers opt for large size box with double wall cardboard boxes for protection. Don’t fill the box over 80 percent, and fill the rest with bubble wrap to keep your […]