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15 Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Packaging supplies come in many varieties. And without them, moving or shifting becomes impossible. Among the different kinds of supplies, cardboard boxes need special mention. Available in different sizes and shapes, these boxes help in storing things and keep them safe from all kinds of damages. However, once the use of the boxes is over, they end up as trash and remain stacked in storerooms. How about reusing these boxes in creative ways so that they are not just wasted? Mentioned below find some tips by which you can reuse the old boxes: 1. Floor protectors Cut small rounded shapes of cardboard from the boxes and place them under chair or couch legs so that there is no fear of scratching on the floors while moving furniture. 2. Pet bed Make shallow beds for your pet with used boxes. Put an old pillow and blankets in it and your pet can sleep and rest snugly there. 3. Organizer for the car trunk The car trunk contains many things include jumper cables, windshield washer fluid, quarts of oil etc. Placing all of them in a box will keep things organized. 4. Re-gifting Re-gifting is a great idea and is highly appreciated. […]

Top 3 Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

The packaging business has gone a long way since the advent of ecommerce business. There are many companies which have become environmentally responsible. They shun from using environmentally hazardous packaging materials like cardboards, Styrofoam, plastic tapes, glossy papers for labels as also unnatural dyes. Instead, there is a new rage to switch to biodegradable and sustainable packaging supplies which are environmentally safe and also high in terms of utility. 3 Types Of Green Packaging Delights The people are normally happy to witness a visually appealing packaging. Hence, many eco conscious companies are trying to resort to pretty packaging with the help of eco friendly stuff. This has led to a lot of creativity usage to find and use a variety of items for packaging. 3 majorly used eco friendly ways used nowadays include. 1. Right from recycled papers to moulded, a number of packaging items finding a way in the modern greener packaging settings for small and big items. The recycled paper is first converted into paper cans and its strength is augured with sponge. Even paper zipper pouches are made for fancy appeal and also safe packaging. Scrap papers are being used for customised labels, logo designing and for […]