Packaging design has been playing a huge role in product marketing in the past few years. The concept isn’t just about good packaging but creative ones. The more creative you pack the products, the more customers it is likely to attract. Packaging is also the last point in marketing products. With several different brands placed across the shelf, it is the packaging that would distinguish one from another. For smaller sized businesses, packaging design is also among the few platforms to market the product. So what exactly should be the manufacturers looking at? Conventional designs aren’t going to survive the competition for a long time. Here are some tips to make your packaging look different. Handmade looks Personalisation has huge impact on product selling. It does not just impresses upon the client that each packet has been given individual attention rather than commercial mass production but also adds a unique personality to the product itself. A good example would be the handmade tea bags sold by Tea Forte. The package is more than containers but a work of art – something that demands and receives attention of all. Sustainable approach There have been huge talks on the need of sustainability […]