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30 Tips to Pack Your Accessories Before Your Next Move

Packing your stuffs perfectly is very important to avoid any kind of damage while moving. Here we are providing 30 tips for packing your valuables. Packing your books and documents 1. Prevent crushing of the box by filling it to the top. Make sure you don’t overfill it. 2. Pack heavy books in separate small boxes. Packing your clothes 3. After folding clothes put them into garment bags and suitcases. 4. Don’t forget to cover the delicate clothes. 5. Use wardrobe box for hassle free packaging. 6. Use large boxes to store the packed clothes. Packing kitchenware 7. Use dish-box for packing fragile accessories. 8. Put crushed paper at the bottom of the box after that pack kitchenware into them. 9. Cover plates with wrapping paper. 10. After covering all the plates with wrapping paper, make a stack and re-wrap it. 11. Store the wrapped stack of plates into cardboard box. The size and shape of cardboard box plays a crucial role. 12. Wine glasses should be packed carefully. Don’t nest them as it can cause damage. 13. Forks and spoons can be wrapped together using packing papers. 14. If possible, use liquor cartoons for glasses and cups. 15. Use […]

The Recycling Story Of Paperboard- Learn How It Gets A New Life

Recycling is one of the most recognizable ways to go green. While most people understand the benefits of recycling but still they are not aware of the complete recycling process. This infograph, brought to you by Globe Packaging, gives you an idea about the recycling process of paperboard. Liked the post? Hit the share buttons.

Innovative Ideas for Packaging Products

When we were kids, we were probably more interested in the box that a toy was packed in, more than the toy itself. Packaging is vital for every business, whether it is about attracting the attention or to provide safety to the products. Better packaging is directly proportional to better shelf life of the product, safer transportation and more appeal for customers. Innovative packaging also reduces the environmental impact via unnecessary waste and helps in bringing down the cost of the total parcel. Globe Packaging offers many innovative solutions and can help you experience a difference. Packaging processes at Globe Packaging involves cost effective, lightweight and multi-purpose practices. Further, the company delivers a solution that readily meets the customer demands while serving the primary purpose. As it is, Globe Packaging involved in several forms of packaging solutions including micro bubbles, multi-purpose films, down gauging, thin walling, additives, several fibres and polymers and a great variety of material solutions. In the modern marketplace, packaging is one of the most vital elements that affects the popularity and marketability of a product/brand. There are a variety of ways that brands like to go about their packaging. Packaging may also become the face of […]

Tips for Selecting The Appropriate Plastic Packaging

Every year millions of tons of plastic is used for packaging. Today plastic is used in almost every possible packaging activity. From small business to big enterprises you can easily find it everywhere however often when it comes to selecting the proper plastic packaging material we face a hard time in finding the right plastic for our packaging purposes. Therefore here we are presenting you with some of the most helpful tips in order to let you find the perfect sized plastics suitable for your packaging needs. Size Plays an Important Role One of the important things to work upon before you can go for the plastic packaging is to decide about the size of the plastics which are required for packaging your stuff. Different materials require different shapes and sizes of plastic for packaging. Therefore it is very important that you are aware of the sizes of the materials to be packed. Once you have decided this you can than go for the purchase of plastics. Other factors like quality of plastics, types of plastics including bubble wraps are other points which should be considered while selecting the plastic for your packaging needs Different Types of Plastics are used […]

The Global Trends in Packaging Industry

Over the last decade the perception about packaging has changed a lot. What used to be an emerging commodity market is now one of the key contributing industries in the world. With more and more companies upgrading their packaging services and looking for new innovations, the world of packaging has changed a lot over the years. One of the other factors responsible for carving a new face for packaging industry is the growing awareness among the consumers and the industrialists about the pollution, global warming and an alternative to plastics. Today there is a growing urgency for the use of recyclable packaging materials. Therefore in case you are looking for expanding your packaging company to different parts of the world it is very important that you are well aware of the different trends of packaging throughout the globe as that will help you to find out the best destination for increasing your business and make new customers. In order to help you we have carried out an extensive research about the different trends of the packaging in different countries and generalizing it here to help you to make the best decision for your business. Packaging Trends in United States –  […]