Over the last decade the perception about packaging has changed a lot. What used to be an emerging commodity market is now one of the key contributing industries in the world. With more and more companies upgrading their packaging services and looking for new innovations, the world of packaging has changed a lot over the years.

Global Trends in Packaging Industry

One of the other factors responsible for carving a new face for packaging industry is the growing awareness among the consumers and the industrialists about the pollution, global warming and an alternative to plastics. Today there is a growing urgency for the use of recyclable packaging materials.

Therefore in case you are looking for expanding your packaging company to different parts of the world it is very important that you are well aware of the different trends of packaging throughout the globe as that will help you to find out the best destination for increasing your business and make new customers.

In order to help you we have carried out an extensive research about the different trends of the packaging in different countries and generalizing it here to help you to make the best decision for your business.

Packaging Trends in United States – 

Global Trends in Packaging Industry

Given the size of this industry in United States, the packaging trends differ from company to company and at times geographically as well. However one of the common things is that in United States the focus in gradually shifting to the use of recyclable packaging materials pertaining to the growing concern about the pollution and the global warming. One of the emerging trends here is the growing willingness for developing in-house packaging facilities which can cut down prices leading to better customer satisfaction. Many packaging vendors have also started using the concept of creative packaging. One of the major advantages of using creative packaging is increased customer retention rate, better marketing of the product and long term customer relationship.

Packaging Trends in United Kingdom – 

Global Trends in Packaging Industry

Given the fact that the economy in U.K is still recovering and therefore any new product or service launch is currently seen from the point of money to be paid in order to avail it. However one of the surprising developments in the U.K is the fact that the packaging industry is growing unlike the rest of the market and last year it registered an increment in the range of 1.5-2%. Therefore if you are planning to target the market in United Kingdom it is important that your products are economical yet has a superior quality. Given the fact that unlike other markets the customers here are more aware and quality conscious it is important that your product has a long term economical advantage. The preference for eco-friendly packaging material is also growing so make sure you have already started developing the recyclable packaging products.

Packaging Trends in Asian Market –

Global Trends in Packaging Industry

Unlike the other markets Asian markets are still developing, poised to become one of the most important investment centres in the coming years. As the markets are still growing therefore focus is more on making profits and cost cuttings which implies anything which is available at low cost and are sustainable are going to be a popular product to go for. Therefore Asian markets are still one of the largest users of plastics and other related products. Unlike other regions the awareness for the use of recyclable packaging products has just started to gain momentum. Therefore the current focus is on proper delivery, customer satisfaction and making profits. One of the strong indicators of this is the popularity of the packaging peanuts which are very commonly used in Asian markets.

On the whole when expanding the packaging business it is always good to plan for future and go for the products which are sustainable and environment friendly.