Have you ever needed a box anytime in a hurry? Planned a last minute or long overdue spring clean and need to pack and de-clutter the things you do not need in your day to day life?Most people only associate or think about cardboard removal boxes and packaging supplies, when it comes to moving from your old house or office to a new one. It is when you need them more, but not the only time.Belongings and personal items or treasure if you wish, which we carry with us when moving are delicate, some are bulky and heavy, and some are so precious that we cannot afford them to lose.This is where Globe packaging’s supplies come in.We help you to ensure no harm to your goods’s created and that they are shipped/delivered in one piece and reach the correct destination. We do this by supplying you all the tools you need such as; cardboard boxes which can be labelled to detail what is inside and where it needs to be stored or delivered, we supply a whole range of items which maintain the safety during transport such as bubble wrap and many more items. We give you that reassurance, that the […]