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Packaging Waste in UK [Infographic]

Industry is working on a variety of approaches to decrease the amount of packaging waste. In 2011, 67% of the packaging waste was recovered. We can make the World more Eco-friendly place by using the correct recycling practices.  Best practices should be used by us as individuals to lessen the amount of packaging waste. We should use packaging materials that can be reused and are easy to recycle. Below infographic, created by Globe Packaging, highlights fact and statistics about packaging waste in UK.  

Office Fire Prevention

Fires need three things to start – a source of ignition (heat) a source of fuel (something that can burn) and oxygen. The sources of ignition are as follows: Heat – Cigarette butts, matches, naked flames and heaters. Fuel – Waste (rubbish), paper, plastic, wood and loose packaging materials etc Oxygen – The air around us. Office fires happen more than you think, but in general, offices are considered to be a moderate fire risk and the fires usually occur as a result of someone’s carelessness. The littlest things can start fires; cigarette butts carelessly discarded by rubbish, faulty wires, and machines that have been left on for a long period and have overheated. Most fires are preventable. No matter you role in the workplace, you can take responsibility for preventing fires by adopting the right behaviours and procedures. Switch off any appliances when they are finished with, and check the wires connecting your computer screen to the monitor regularly. If you smoke outside by the back door, be sure your cigarette is out before you dispose of it. These things can be effortlessly adopted into your daily routine and can make all the difference in fire prevention. Another way […]