Sustainability is a key concern for all businesses – government agencies, non-government agencies, private companies etc. And this includes sustainable packaging. For packaging to be considered as sustainable, it must be manufactured from environmental-friendly materials. And the sustainability factor should be considered all throughout the life cycle of the product – from the beginning stage to functionality levels, throughout marketing and sales cycle and lastly after it has been used completely. Along with this, sustainable packaging also involves reduced costs of the packaging design. Trends that are seen in sustainable packaging When it comes to sustainable packaging solutions, there are certain trends that are seen. Some of the important ones are as follows: 1. Use of lightweight packaging materials 2. Use of renewable resource materials 3. Increased attempts in waste recovery and recycling of various products 4. Improvements in logistical efficiency and packaging 5. Enhanced use of recyclable materials The need and importance of sustainable packaging It is true that sustainable packaging is not as cost effective as traditional and conventional packaging solutions, but still these practices are now being followed as there are many benefits of the same. Mentioned below find the importance and need of sustainable packaging: 1. […]