The use of microwave has accelerated a lot over the last decade. Today most of us prefer using microwaves for the cooking purposes. And it’s not only us but most of the hotels and restaurants we dine at or even the small shopping outlets use microwaves. However with the increased use of microwave there is an old myth which you often find to be rumored around you. Many think that packaging of microwave cooked food is not healthy. However after reading this researched article many of you will find out that this myth is merely a myth and nothing else.   When it comes to the use of containers for packing the microwave cooked food often we ignore the quality of containers. This is where we make mistakes and then blame either the microwave or the containers for our poor health conditions. Microwave cooked food should be stored in the appropriate containers. This is a true fact and it does mean that these containers will cost you extra bucks. It’s just that you should use these containers instead of the ones which you often use for storage. The reason for using these containers is that once food is heated […]