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20 Things You Can Reuse And Recycle [Infographic]

You’ve heard of people recycling everything from cardboard boxes to old papers and clothes. Recycling is an important process to be discussed if we are serious about making our planet green and pollution free. This infographic revolves around some of the creative tips you can follow to reduce the amount of stuff you throw away. Start reusing and recycling everything in life and reduce your carbon footprints.

Trends That Are Driving Changes In Packaging

Product packaging is going to look a lot different in a few years of time. The important questions here are whether it will be able boost sales or ruin the brand image, will it be interactive and use bio-based materials and whether all packaging will have NFC chips in them. Right now, nothing can be said for sure but following the trends, the same packet will be a lot different in say, next five years. Packaging has always been a crucial aspect of manufacturing and has created business advantages in promotion, sales and shipping. Modern shoppers however see packaging as a supportive element that either protects the content or just makes it easy to carry. The highly complicated and attractive designer packaging that we had a decade ago have silently faded away. Today consumers want packaging that is small and easy to open. Environmental concerns too are a great factor that is bringing about a change in packaging practices. Even luxury brand like Gucci is switching to Eco-friendly packaging materials. Among the several drivers to changing packaging trends, here are the top 8 reasons: Emerging Markets: Previously only Western Europeans and North Americans were considered to be the biggest consumers […]

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Popular Strapping Products

Steel, polypropylene, polyester and cord are the four popular types of strapping available in the market. Each one has its own application and advantages. Following guide will help you in choosing out the right strapping for your application.   1. Steel Strapping It is the strongest of all and always recommended  whenever high strength is needed. The use of steel strapping is declining due to its sharp edges that can cause a trouble and recycling abilities. Advantages: Great strength, Low elongation Disadvantages: Costly, Difficult to recycle Steel strapping is commonly used in industries where sharp products are manufactured and shipped or heavy construction work is carried out. 2. Polypropylene Strapping It is the least expensive of all strapping material. It is common for all the workplaces. It is being used in almost every industry today where packaging is needed. Advantages: Cost effective, easy to recycle, easy to use, elongation is good, lightweight Popular applications of polypropylene strapping are: Bundling, Unitizing, Carton packaging   3. Polyester Strapping It is rigid and has less elongation than polypropylene straps. It is used in heavy duty loads where initially high tension is needed. Many steel strapping users are now using polyester strapping due to […]

Your Guide To Using Fire-Extinguisher

A fire-extinguisher is simply a device that is used to control accidental fire outbreak. It helps bring the fire down by stopping it from spreading and as such is an extremely important device during the time of fire emergencies. Fire extinguishers come in different sizes and kinds for different purposes. Each comes with a specific color code stating where it is best used at.   Coming to the basic concept of fire extinguishers, let’s talk about the ones that are available in multi-storey buildings, hospitals, stations and similar places. These are the regular devices that can be operated by anyone. Also called the handheld extinguishers, they weight between 0.5 and 14 kg, depending on the place where they have been installed in. The extinguisher which you will need to help resolve an emergency in a household will be different from that in a train station. However, it is necessary that every individual must know how to use a fire extinguisher, as emergencies can occur without any prior warnings. Advantages of a fire extinguisher When a fire breaks out, it does take time for the professionals to arrive. However, this short span of time can amount to a great loss of […]