Product packaging is going to look a lot different in a few years of time. The important questions here are whether it will be able boost sales or ruin the brand image, will it be interactive and use bio-based materials and whether all packaging will have NFC chips in them. Right now, nothing can be said for sure but following the trends, the same packet will be a lot different in say, next five years.

Packaging has always been a crucial aspect of manufacturing and has created business advantages in promotion, sales and shipping. Modern shoppers however see packaging as a supportive element that either protects the content or just makes it easy to carry. The highly complicated and attractive designer packaging that we had a decade ago have silently faded away. Today consumers want packaging that is small and easy to open. Environmental concerns too are a great factor that is bringing about a change in packaging practices. Even luxury brand like Gucci is switching to Eco-friendly packaging materials.

Among the several drivers to changing packaging trends, here are the top 8 reasons:

Emerging Markets:

Previously only Western Europeans and North Americans were considered to be the biggest consumers of luxury items but today there are several emerging markets including the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and South America. Consumer demands and regulatory practices are thus affecting the way products enter these markets. While foreign packaging designs are attracting our interests, local flavors too are reasons for change.

Holistic Designs:

Design is a crucial element in product differentiation. With so many brands for the same products, it is packaging that gives a face to each one of it and serves the emotional and psychological needs of consumers. Ease of use and sustainability are big drivers in this aspect.

Retailer Impacts:

New brands are going for interactive packaging as a means to gain advantage over already established brands. This has been helping local brands fit more easily into the lives of consumers. As such, market data of consumer values and demands seem to be gaining huge importance in shaping up the packaging.


There has been huge uproar against environment degrading packaging materials. Modern packaging materials are more likely to recycle themselves or at least be biodegradable. Further, consumers are looking for lightweight packages that present ‘zero’ waste apart from being non-toxic.

Technological Innovations:

There have been huge improvements in material design and communication technology. A great example would be mass customization of bottle caps that are programmed to be uniquely printed. Variable data printing gives a promotional advantage to the manufacturer.

New Laws And Regulation:

Several governments including Europe and America have been coming up with packaging standards. Luxury items in the European Union need to have 60% of recyclable packaging material. Similar is the case with food packing industry, toy manufacturers, etc. consumer demands and environmental laws are bringing in the right changes in the manufacturing processes worldwide.


Product packaging today is not just made to suit the eye but also make the content more convenient to be used. This will include free flow packets, juice packets (Tropicana), easy to tear packets, etc.

Over the years, the world has been witnessing considerable changes in product packaging and the trends are going to change continuously over time.