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Amazing Ways Of Recycling Plastic Containers

We all know that the environmental pollution is caused by dumping plastics in any form. Since plastics are non-degradable they do not decompose and do not mix with the soil. Rather than they have a tendency of blocking and choking pipelines, drains and other places. They are also one of the main source of soil pollution. To combat all these issues, great emphasis is being laid on the use of eco-friendly materials. They are biodegradable and as a result environment-friendly in nature. The use of such materials is commonly seen in the packaging industry. Advantages Of Cardboard Packaging Over Using Plastics For Packaging The packaging industry was once greatly dependent on plastic goods and sheets. However, with environmental issues and norms getting severe with each passing day, many companies are now shifting to more eco-friendly options. The use of cardboard boxes and sheets are becoming very common. Once the cardboard boxes are filled up, they are fastened tightly with the help of fastening tapes and strong adhesives. Cardboard packaging is stronger and more durable when compared to plastic packaging as there are no chances of wear and tear in the former. The other advantage of cardboard boxes is that after […]

Banding and Strapping Tool To Ship Multiple Items

The process of combining and bundling multiple items using strap is known as strapping. This is among the most common processes to provide safety and security to the goods whilst shipping. Plastic and steel are the common types of strapping materials. Suppliers who need to ship multiple goods at the same time use banding and strapping tools to make the task easy. These amazing tools are particularly designed to secure multiple goods. Banding the products together assures that the products will not fall here and there and get damaged during shipment. When it comes to banding and strapping, variety of tools and materials are easily available. You have to choose the best material according to your goods. For instance steel strapping is used where higher strength and lower stretch is required. On the other hand for light weight goods, plastic strapping is the better option. Every strapping material performs the same task (protection of goods) but in slightly different way. Tensioners are the widely used strapping tools. These small, hand held tools are used to secure smaller batches. Most of the times, tensioners are used to combine small circular items together. Sealer is another manual strapping tool. Sealers are commonly […]

The Rise of New Era in Packaging

We often wonder about the alternatives to plastic and other such products as they are causing a lot of pollution which possess a great risk to mankind in future. However how many of you know that there are already alternatives starting to appear in the market. Alternatives which are poised to change the way packaging industry is existing today. Over the last few years a lot of research has been carried out in order to find out the alternatives which can end our dependency on the packaging products produced by petroleum. In order to let you know more about these products here is our list top 5 future packaging materials which will soon be replacing most of the packaging materials used today. Plant Based Plastics The use of plastics obtained from plants is on rise. Some of the biggest firms have come together in order to promote this concept and as a result today many companies are going for the use of plant based plastics. Some of the popular names producing plant based plastics are Renmatix and Virent. Big brands like Coca Cola, Nestle and Nike have collaborated with World Wildlife Fund in establishing the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance (BFA). BFA […]