We often wonder about the alternatives to plastic and other such products as they are causing a lot of pollution which possess a great risk to mankind in future. However how many of you know that there are already alternatives starting to appear in the market. Alternatives which are poised to change the way packaging industry is existing today. Over the last few years a lot of research has been carried out in order to find out the alternatives which can end our dependency on the packaging products produced by petroleum. In order to let you know more about these products here is our list top 5 future packaging materials which will soon be replacing most of the packaging materials used today.


Plant Based Plastics

The use of plastics obtained from plants is on rise. Some of the biggest firms have come together in order to promote this concept and as a result today many companies are going for the use of plant based plastics. Some of the popular names producing plant based plastics are Renmatix and Virent. Big brands like Coca Cola, Nestle and Nike have collaborated with World Wildlife Fund in establishing the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance (BFA). BFA is a collaboration which has been set-up especially in order to define the standards for developing the plastic from plants.It has also been created in order to promote other such initiatives.


Eco-friendly Coffee Pods

One of the biggest markets of coffee pods is United States and Europe. Coffee Pods industry is a multi billion industry and can be regarded as a major user of plastics. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that coffee pods are mainly made from plastics along with aluminum lining and a filter. However with the growing awareness for pollution many coffee pods manufacturers are now going for the use of alternative materials for coffee pods. The materials used in coffee pods these days can be easily composted as a result no pollution is caused. Biome Bioplastics is one of the big names specializing in the manufacture of the coffee pods.


Reducing the Packaging Materials

Over the years many packaging industries are trying to reduce the material used in packaging and increase the usability. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it can help a lot in reducing the price of manufacturing the packaging products and at the same time reduce the overall price of the commodity. One such alternative is the growing use of the cellulose and other material for packaging. One of the biggest advantages with these materials is that unlike plastic they are easily recyclable and comes at a far less price.


Next Generation Packaging

Last year in one of the most ground breaking research people from MIT finally developed a product which once come into use will change the paradigm of packaging forever. The name of the product is LiquiGlide. It’s a slippery matter which can use for packaging any product which has a smooth surface. The biggest advantage of this material is its costing which is very low almost negligible if compared with the plastics. The other important advantage of this product is the fact it reduces the wastage of product packed inside it unlike plastics which contribute a lot in wastage of the packaged products.


Our responsibility

No matter what technology we use for packaging, but anything can be a success only when we take the responsibility to contribute to the cause.

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