Christmas is no doubt festive times for all of us with loads of gifts, good food, fun and frolic. But have we ever thought about the volume of trash that is created during this time? Gift wraps, food boxes, gift boxes are the main contributors in this section. Research has shown that 25% more trash is generated during Christmas and holiday season when compared to usual times. Therefore pressure on recycling bins is also quite high during this time of the year. Mentioned below are 7 highly effective tips for holiday recycling: 1. Cardboard boxes need to be handled carefully More and more people are buying things online and these are usually delivered in cardboard boxes in varying sizes and shapes. Cardboard boxes are excellent packaging materials as they are high value recyclables. The only problem is that their volume is high and hence they tend to overflow in the trash bins. For effective disposal of these boxes, break them and lay flat to minimize space occupancy. Send them for recycling as per convenience. 2. Don’t be duped by the three arrow triangle Many people think that the three arrow green triangle signifies ‘recyclable’ materials. But such symbols can also […]