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Influence of Ecommerce on The Packaging Industry

Ecommerce sales in Europe grew from €131.61 billion to €156.28 billion in 2014, which corresponds to the growth rate of 18.4%. E-commerce industry has emerged as one of the key drivers for the global corrugated packaging market. Digital natives, internet of things, personalisation and on the go lifestyle are the top trends that will shape the packaging industry. This infographic, created by Globe Packaging, highlights the influence of eCommerce on the packaging industry.

11 Essential Packing Tips for Moving House

Relocation is a process which takes time and efforts. Planning everything prior to relocation is very important to make the process go smooth. Before moving you have to clean your entire home, contact utility companies and pack all your accessories. You need to choose the right packaging boxes while packing your stuff for a damage-free move. Here are 11 tips for a smooth house move: 1. Start Packing Early Last minute packing is a bad idea. You need time to pack your belongings rightly so for a large house, 2 months should be enough. And for a small house, one month is enough if you pack one box a day. Packing early will relieve a lot of stress during those last few days before move. 2. Choose the Right Packaging Supplies Collect both large and small boxes from someone you know who have recently moved or buy house moving kit from a trustworthy packaging supplier. Moving companies have lots of different boxes for your house moving needs so you can choose the right boxes and start packing your stuff. 3. Label All the Boxes Write the content on the sides of box with the marker. This will help you recognize […]