Are you planning to move into a new house? Right now for you nothing is more stressful than moving. There wouldn’t be any free moment in your life at present. You have zillions of things to worry about. And one of them is packing your wardrobe. You don’t want your designer clothes to get ruined and wrinkled. Here we have rounded up the tips to help you pack your wardrobe easily before you move.   Sort Your Clothes Before you start packing your clothes, it’s better to sort them and discard those that you wouldn’t be wearing any more. This way you can organise and separate different type of clothes be it party wear or daily wear. In separate cardboard boxes you can pack your summer and winter clothing. It will be easy to unpack all your clothing boxes at your new home; also you will be able to quickly arrange them.   Use Wardrobe Boxes Wardrobe boxes are designed to make it easy to pack your clothes. You can take your clothes to your new home without any hassles in wardrobe boxes. Just like your clothes hanging in your wardrobe, these boxes help you to keep your clothes while […]