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Minimize the Packaging Materials by Using Quality Packaging Solutions

Every day we come across boxes and packaging materials of different shapes and sizes, whether they came along with our packed food stuff, or  in the office or in our homes, we can find these cardboard boxes and packing materials everywhere. Christmas is one of those times when too many boxes and packaging materials get accumulated , and to be honest many of those accumulated boxes and packaging materials are still residing  in and around your home. The packaging supplies and protective materials you received with your presents this year, you might have thought that it might be a wise idea to keep them along. We do so for the safety of more fragile items when they are not being used with as it is a good idea that they are put back in their box. Did any one of you receive a damaged or broken toy just because of improper packaging or due to the lack of bubble wrap or protective material? For many, the answer will be a no because these days we often find that our items are always overly packed. They are boxed and usually packed with: polystyrene, foam/packing peanuts, corrugated paper rolls, air packs/cushions, bubble […]

Packaging-Made Easy

Here is your guide to make your relocation easy. Explore our wide range of packaging materials today!  

Ensure a safe delivery of large shipments with Strapping

Do you have a large shipment of goods to be sent, but you are worried about  the parcels being lost in transit? Are you shipping in pallets via a busy courier and want your customer’s goods to remain intact and received all at once? Well read how the professionals do it. When packaging distributors’ ship out in large quantities, they usually tend to bundle the shipments of the similar products or on the basis of the end destination. This is to ensure that the parcels stay combined and remains together, to avoid any scenario of missing products or being involved in a different shipment and resulting in the product being sent to a wrong destination. The bundle method, which is generally used, is known as strapping. It binds the packages with multiple straps made from a strong flat flexible material. The most common straps are made from various plastics including polypropylene, nylon, and polyester. The other common material used for strapping is steel. Steel strapping is mainly used for heavier processes of bundling parcels/packages to keep them reinforced and fastened, to minimise movement during different types of transit. Strapping is also used for attaching items to pallets and securing unit […]

Advantages of Using Cardboard Boxes

Here are the five amazing reasons of using cardboard boxes. For buying quality packaging supplies or different types of cardboard boxes, visit Globe Packaging.