We usually split open the packaging tape in a rush revealing the much-yearned or much-needed product you have been waiting for, for days. But once that new product is unwrapped, all you are left with is a used and bulky cardboard box. What to do with these now? Do we throw these away? No wait, there’s a better way to get rid of the moving boxes. Recycle these, that too in the most sustainable way possible. But believe it or not, recycling isn’t a very easy process, and can actually get confusing. While some people have designated recycling bins and areas to dispose of their cardboard boxes, others who don’t have these options find it a little difficult. There are some important facts to know about cardboard recycling, and how you can make the most of your cardboard waste. Is Cardboard Recyclable? Most forms of cardboard are recyclable. There are two primary kinds of cardboard: Paperboard and Corrugated cardboard. Chipboard, also known as paperboard, is commonly used to produce boxes and containers for consumer goods like shoe boxes and food boxes like that of cereals. Made with just a single layer of paper material, this cardboard type is more flimsy […]