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Shipping and Packing Tips for Business Gifts [Infographic]

Businesses try and go out of their ways to keep the customer happy. And gifts are a great way of keeping good relation with your existing as well as potential customer. But what would happen if the business gift that you sent to the customer broke and crushed and got damaged beyond recognition? You would never have wanted that to happen that the client would open a box of broken mess. Here are some great packing and shipping tips for business gifts as well as for goods that need shipping:  

Take Advantage Of Moving Boxes – Read These Tips

From the outside, a moving box would look just like any other box you can lay your hands upon. However, only an experienced client would know the several issues that arise during a moving session. It is highly necessary that you make the right decision when opting for moving boxes. Here are some basic tips to help you out: Generally moving boxes are technically referred to as corrugated boxes. The term refers to the material, made from strong paper and protective fluting. Such kind of moving boxes are now being used for more than 150 years now. Back in the 1870s, these corrugated boxes were used as shipping packages for bottles and products made out of glass. By 1902, we had the first solid wooden boxes and even fiber containers. A year on, corrugated boxes were approved to carry cereals and a wide array of other important exports. Further development and by the 1950s, corrugated boxes would ship all kinds of farm produce with minimal damage. The popularity of corrugated shipping boxes has since burgeoned and modern technology has offered improvements that make them highly resistant, durable, sturdy and weather/water resistant. So what makes corrugated moving boxes so strong? The […]