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Trends Changing the Shape of Packaging Industry

With the growing innovation in the packaging industry the expectations of the customers are also increasing a lot. With more and more advancement in the packaging technology personalisation of the products has become very important. Today customers expect a much more personalised product meeting all their requirements. One of the main reasons for personalisation is the huge database of users which packaging firms have established. 1. The Internet Of Things Although this concept has been in existence for decades however its application is still limited to the fitness devices or other similar devices. However the increasing cost of the smart packaging has provided an opportunity to come up with new innovations in this industry as well. Internet of Things could soon find its way in the Packaging Industry as well. One of the possible applications can be a micro-sensor emitting light when the best buy date of the product has passed away. Such micro-sensors can also be used for indicating if a packaging has been tampered. 2. Digital Natives As we all know that our next generation also popularly known as Millennial or Gen Y are much more tech savvy than us. They have made digital marketing a part of […]

Types of Adhesive Tape [Infographic]

Packaging is an art and to master this art you need meticulousness, proficiency and knowledge about various packaging accessories. One of the most important accessories in packaging is packaging tape. Finding the right tape for packaging will serve your purpose for packaging neatly. This infographic, created by Globe Packaging, revolves around the various types of adhesive tape.