Discover the Different Types of Bubble Wrap for Various Needs Bubble wrap is a staple in the world of packaging, celebrated for its lightweight yet highly effective protection against shocks and vibrations. But did you know that not all bubble wrap is created equal? There are various types designed to meet specific needs, ensuring optimal protection for a wide range of items. Here’s a closer look at the different types of bubble wrap, their uses, and how to utilise them effectively. Small Bubble Wrap The Go-To for Delicates What It Is Small bubble wrap is the quintessential protective packaging material most of us picture when we think of bubble wrap. The bubbles in the small bubble wrap are around 10 mm in diameter, offering a finely distributed cushioning effect. This type of bubble wrap is highly flexible, easy to manipulate, and perfect for wrapping around items with irregular shapes and delicate surfaces. Best For Fragile Items Small bubble wrap is ideal for protecting fragile items such as glassware, ceramics, and delicate electronics. These items are particularly susceptible to impacts and need a protective barrier that can absorb shocks effectively. The small bubbles provide a consistent layer of air pockets that […]