Book wrap mailers

Packaging Tips for Your Books

Planning for relocation? Have you planned how to pack your books? Although books are not among the most fragile items but still they need a proper packing in order to make sure that they are not tampered while moving them from one place to another. We often read different types of books; books which are meant for official purpose, books which you like reading and many more. But when it comes to their packing, we generally do not have much idea about their packaging. The end result is we either end up tampering them while moving them from one place to another, or even worse at times we even get them misplaced. So here are some important yet simple tips which can help you a lot in packing your books and ensuring that they are delivered in proper condition.   1. Dressing up your books   If your books are already covered, you just need to clean them up. It’s always good if you remove the unwanted stickers from it. One of the easy ways of doing so is using the lighter fluid. It is one of the best agents in cleaning the stuff like these. However just make sure […]

Varieties of Packaging Materials

Packaging and shifting can be a very stressful task if enough attention is not paid to the packaging material. Not only do good packaging supplies make your luggage safe from breaking and dents, but it also gives you an easier way to move your luggage around.Numerous types of packaging supplies are available today, some of which are common like best packing tapes and cardboard boxes of different sizes which can be used for any packing any kind of material. Whereas there are some custom made supplies meant only to package certain items like book wrap mailers. These are robust book wraps that promise to keep your books undamaged throughout the process of moving.Postal tubes are long narrow tubes for holding and packing posters and sheets of paper. These are available in various lengths and diameters.Packaging material is as vital as the material being transported.